21st July 2018


ARIES: You’re at your most charming, diplomatic and engaging today, so make the most of it! Get chatting to someone you want to impress, ask out that person who makes your knees go weak, treat your other half to your best seduction routine or simply enjoy spreading a little sunshine wherever you go.
TAURUS: Money is likely to be a source of friction today, especially if a certain someone is feeling very envious. There could also be tension if you owe a friend some money because they’ll be agitating to get it back.
GEMINI: Someone is in a very picky and pernickety mood today, making them liable to go off pop at a moment’s notice. It could seem as though they object to everything you say, or they pick holes in your remarks, or maybe you’re the one who’s so quick to point the finger.
CANCER: After yesterday’s mayhem you’re anxious to get things back on an even keel, and the good news is that you should be able to manage this quite easily. Simply take things one at a time, and follow them through to completion before switching to the next task. It will pay dividends now to be methodical, even if that isn’t the way you usually like to do things
LEO: The day begins on something of a tricky note, as the Moon clashes with powerful Pluto and you need to be both resourceful and ingenious to solve any problems. Set that as a benchmark for the coming year on this, the extra day.
VIRGO: Loved ones are hard to handle today. There’s a lot of pent-up tension and resentment in the air, and it seems to permeate everything. As a result, even the simplest conversation could turn into a highly- charged dispute, or someone might make some loaded comments that are intended to make you feel uncomfortable.
LIBRA: There’ll be a few startling ideas and communications floating around as Mercury the messenger crosses the path of revolutionary Uranus. The trick will be to work out which ones are actually worth listening to. Take care while driving today. Make sure your arrangements are flexible as they may need to be changed at the last minute or on the run.
SCORPIO: It’s the little things that will serve you best today. If you get the details right, everything will fall into place. You need to pay attention to your health at the moment: yes, I know, you’re so busy, but these niggly problems can easily spiral out of control.
SAGITTARIUS: You have the freedom to indulge your own thoughts and beliefs today, so go for it. Unexpected visitors from overseas are in the stars: is this good or bad?. If you have the opportunity to spend time outdoors, you can experience the healing gifts of nature.
CAPRICORN: The price of living or doing things a certain way makes itself known. There are bills to be paid and if you’ve overdone it, now’s the time to cut your coat according to the cloth you have.
AQUARIUS: Keep your foot on the brake and not on the accelerator, as Warrior Mars in Cancer clashes with mystic Neptune. There are problems involving money, lifestyle matters or children – or any combination thereof. The important thing is that you demonstrate the patience and restraint for which your sign is legend.
PISCES: The day starts on an upbeat note as you’re in sync with everybody, doing what needs to be done. However, as the day wears on, things shift into a distinctly ’emotional and domestic’ framework. Pay attention to what’s going on at home, especially in terms of the emotional atmosphere. There are some problems there and you need to deal with them.