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21st February 2020

ARIES: You don’t have to keep justifying yourself to everyone. Even though this is difficult when people are continually trying to invalidate you, the smarter way is to remain silent. Let your actions speak louder than words. You’ve been listening to too many people.
TAURUS: Your mind has been concerned with creating a stable domestic background recently. You’re working towards having greater financial independence. Pushing forward in your work should be done with as little personal problems as possible intruding on your day-to-day working life.
GEMINI: You want to possess beautiful things, but at the moment could be too expensive to afford. If what you want is a relatively simple service, beyond your financial reach, try doing it yourself. You could be getting tired of the mind games and shenanigans in your workplace or social group.
CANCER: There may be problems with work colleagues, especially if they’re over-demanding. There’s only so much you can do in a day. The pressure is building, as others could be absent, leaving the burden to fall on your shoulders.
LEO: It is easy to believe that others aren’t being truthful with you. There’s also a strong possibility of falling victim to other underhanded tactics. It’s a day when you should acknowledge yourself, rather than beating yourself up.
VIRGO: Your wheeling and dealing skills aren’t all that good at present. Expecting lucky breaks to come your way rather than working hard is not a high probability outcome. You must learn to dig a little deeper into your own self-power and generate opportunities.
LIBRA: Your professional aggression and ambition achieve a lot today. It could be as simple as demanding what you want. Although your willpower meets with resistance from someone of equal power, the cards are stacked in your favour.
SCORPIO: You are entering into a phase of exciting new social activity. This requires a higher level of psychological resilience to deal with different types of people. Be honest and pursue social relationships with fairness and integrity. A new code of conduct in friendships is likely at this time.
SAGITTARIUS: Exciting developments at your workplace mean new doors are opening up for you. That may be the case, however you need to be on point in all your discussions. You can improvise and change with the shifting goalposts.
CAPRICORN: You feel sporty and active today. You would prefer to exercise at home rather than at the gym. If possible get out for a good run, swim or brisk walk. Try connecting social activity with exercise. You have strong feelings at this time as well.
AQUARIUS: You mustn’t let confusion, or a lack of financial understanding, dictate your negotiations. By the same token, you can’t wing a deal and expect to come out on top. You are dealing with smart business people. Those who are quicker off the mark and more experienced commercially will get the better of you.
PISCES: You have full permission to have fun today. This goes hand in glove with a more trusting view that life is going to bring you what you deserve. Your personality and attitude toward life are undergoing an important change at this time. You feel this change welling up from within.