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21st December 2019

ARIES: You have holidays on your mind and it’s most certainly the time to make plans and bookings as well. If you’re lazy you may miss the boat so do tomorrow’s tasks today and today’s immediately. In this way, you won’t be disappointed.
TAURUS: Work matters could demand more of your energy and time so it’s important to approach your tasks in a light-hearted way. This doesn’t mean you’re irresponsible, rather, it shows there are alternative ways of looking at a problem. This means standing outside of your normal perspective and using your lateral.
GEMINI: Your idealism is strong and can work positively. If you’ve been focused on what needs changing romantically, today may see a turnaround. The beauty and goodness of those you love seem more pronounced. This is a day of gratitude for the good connections in your life.
CANCER: You have an increased interest in travel, foreign cultures philosophy and self-improvement during this transit. You are more creative. You will aggressively pursue some new form of study but consider your underlying motivation at the core of this.
LEO: It’s not the appropriate time to go on a trip or expedition and your intuition tells you so. Rather, you should wait for the appropriate signals and make sure you have the money and other resources to cover it.
VIRGO: You’re prone to act erratically in your relationships. If you can’t fix the defects in others leave them alone and teach them by example. You may be overlooking some of your shortcomings right now. Even though you’ve been obstructed in some business matter, you may feel as if a constructive state of affairs is now at hand.
LIBRA: Rely on your intellectual brilliance and stop asking for help. Trusting yourself will yield the best results. You don’t need others to pat you on the back to realise how good your work is. Perhaps it’s becoming a habit, or you’ve lost confidence recently.
SCORPIO: Are things getting more expensive or are you consuming more at this point in your life? In the case of your vehicle, perhaps your foot is a little heavier than normal. The twenty dollar petrol ration is only going three quarters as far. It means taking your foot off the accelerator.
SAGITTARIUS: You need to mix things up and create a sense of adventure. You are cycling through a period where need things to stimulate you and tweak your curiosity. If you’re confused about a situation at work, go back over the original details and check the fine print for errors.
CAPRICORN: Talking with others is the theme now and will express yourself well. The operative word here is talking. A few difficult planetary aspects can quickly cause things to get out of hand and lead to debate or even all-out war. Be careful of how you manoeuvre your conversations under these transits.
AQUARIUS: Fortunately, you now feel able to remove some of the clutter from your life. This can be anything from piles of paper on your desk, unpaid bills etc, to an emotional clearing which brings to you a new sense of self-renewal.
PISCES: You might feel overburdened with obligations and duties, which may especially affect health matters. Be watchful of imbalances caused by nervous tension and stress. If you are a parent, changes and adjustments may be necessary for the education, discipline, and rearing of your children.