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21st August 2018

ARIES: This is one of those days when money slips through your fingers in no time at all unless you’re very vigilant about your spending habits. Express your feelings calmly, emphasizing things that need changing in order to bring more productivity and happiness into your daily life.
TAURUS: You know what you want and today provides ample opportunity to start the process. New beginnings show great potential, as your calm, logical balance ensures all starts off on the right foot. Things will move smoothly and favourably for those in job. Colleagues will be very supportive.
GEMINI: Avoid being stubborn and pay heed to what others say. Use your creative ideas as they will be of great help todayRomance is tough to find, yet, without friendship first, what’s love?
CANCER: A testing time for lovers, as the depths of your connection faces intense scrutiny. Any grudges held with friends or lovers will find resolution now. It has been easy to offend and be offended, yet you yearn to mend wounds and bring peace at last.
LEO: Whilst relations with your lover or children are a cause for concern, communication with others in the daily sphere eases and improves. Relations begin to take a less serious tone, becoming more fun and much more interesting.
VIRGO: Words are fluid, yet, emotions are withdrawn as you push heavily to create your desires. Sudden expenses may take you by surprise, so be prepared. Tension reaches a crucial point, as you voice your needs and expectations. If they are not met, you’ll decide to move on.
LIBRA: Make the most of today’s focus and organization because they’ll help you get ahead with anything you tackle. Today you shall indulge yourself but avoid overindulgence.
SCORPIO: Clear the air if you’re really provoked or someone has stepped out of line, but don’t let yourself get worked up over trivial matters. If you’re currently considering making some domestic improvements, this is a brilliant day for taking things one step further.
SAGITTARIUS: Despite your intentions to seek peace and harmony, discussions become a circle of blame and solve nothing. Tensions within a relationship reaches a high, as the desire for harmony is rocked by critical comments. Clear the air, but watch your words.
CAPRICORN: Expectations of gains through speculative activities are very strong. Try to tuck away some cash so that it can be used later. More than willing to meet others halfway, you ensure that present conflicts find some form of resolution.
AQUARIUS: Keep realism as the main basis of your approach. You are in a quiet mood, reflective, considering past actions. Being tough on yourself is empowering as you dig deep into areas of sacrifice for others and your own primal, emotional needs.
PISCES: Ideally, you should plan your day in advance so you can make the best use of your time and energy. Your desire for romance takes an unexpected twist. To expect everlasting love from this influence is a big stretch, but sensual fun is assured as you seek the unique.