21st April 2018


ARIES: Those of you involved in the technical fields will find this is a great time to advance your career .Travel is favoured and past connections will be useful, especially if overseas or to do with cultural pursuits.
TAURUS: The financial blues fade and the pace of life picks up today. It seems as though the phone won’t stop ringing, so find a comfortable pace for yourself and refuse to be overwhelmed… Let the machine pick up calls; delegate minor tasks and responsibilities, and enjoy some social ambience.
GEMINI: Today, stars are making some of your feelings uncomfortably intense. Desire may make its burning touch felt as you struggle with what you can and cannot have.
CANCER: Be sure to take notes and document everything, as misunderstandings and confusion reign. Stay as organized as possible while the trickster does his best to trip you up… by the time it is all over, you will have come out on top. Friends will be supportive, and you may even find that a friendship deepens into love.
LEO: Today is a very fortunate day. It’s playtime for you, so plan to enjoy an evening of love and laughter. Of course, you will need to keep within a reasonable budget.
VIRGO: For some, a romantic connection can be made with the boss! Every one of you can benefit by improving your image at work, or in public activities.
LIBRA: Those of you with siblings or friends at a distance should reach out by phone or email to express support for the ones you love and miss. Your feelings seem to oppose what you deeply think is needed, so just take it easy.
SCORPIO: Today stars are inclining you to spend more time at home. Tie up loose ends at work and head home early if you can. Spend the evening in your favourite chair if at all possible; you’ll feel best surrounded by the ones you love in your own natural habitat.
SAGITTARIUS: Today is a very fortunate day for you, there is no reason why you should not enjoy some of the fruits of your labor. Even if all you do is order a pizza and rent a movie, it is time for a much needed treat.
CAPRICORN: A struggle for power and control might manifest itself today, perhaps with some hidden opposition revealing itself. Try to stay balanced and centred. You may need to keep your own counsel for a few hours. If you feel the need to discuss your current situation with someone, choose your most trusted confidante.
AQUARIUS: The phone seems to ring non-stop. You just might know who is calling, even before you answer the phone, as stars increases psychic impressions.you are in demand today and shall enjoy it.
PISCES: This can seem a very intuitive day as your psychic faculties are activated, but beware of delusion. In personal relationships, allow a spirit of generosity and compassion to dominate. You can reach new heights in love with just a little patience and understanding.