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21 September 2020

ARIES: Not everything comes together today, but you’re on the right track with incoming news or current projects. There can be mixed signals to decipher, and you may also be dealing with problems managing your work-life balance. It makes sense to slow down and stall decision-making if possible until you’re clearer about others and your own needs.

TAURUS: It’s not the perfect day for intimacy, as people around you are generally difficult to please, including yourself! Aim to take things slowly as you sort out what you truly want, and give others space to do the same for best results. Look for opportunities to channel your energy into projects that could use some special attention.

GEMINI: There can be rewarding conversations and other communications. People could find your ideas and style of expression especially attractive. Today, there can be some problems getting your message across, but it’s temporary. It may be best to take extra care to make yourself clear.

CANCER: If you feel unsettled, it’s a good idea to try to get in touch with what’s truly bothering you. A difference in values with someone can be an issue, and there can be difficulties relating to others in general, largely due to exaggeration or sensitivity. Family projects or discussions can leave you feeling positive and hopeful.

LEO: It makes sense to wait out the big choices if it’s possible now. Giving yourself some room to explore and discover makes sense. Even so, your mind is quite sharp now, and you may want to take advantage by doing something productive.

VIRGO: One drive is the need to process and take things easy, and the other is the desire to push forward and enjoy yourself more spontaneously. Aim to go slow and figure out what’s in your heart before taking concrete action. However, business or career-related news and ideas can be most helpful and valuable today.

LIBRA: With so many things, and possibly people, vying for your attention, it’s not exceptionally easy to know your next step. However, slowing down makes sense until you reorient yourself. Fortunately, there can be news or incoming information about courses and opportunities that are likely to benefit you.

SCORPIO: Part of you wants to state your case, and another part would prefer to let things go. Promises made today may not transpire. You might attract people to you who take you for granted, and you may need to establish boundaries as a result. If you feel a little out of balance, your best bet is to slow down and avoid acting on impulses.

SAGITTARIUS: Today, there can be some frustration with differences in values. You can give off a standoffish vibe, or you could be toying with money or things that you think will make you feel better. Restlessness is likely until you reorient yourself.

CAPRICORN: Today, there can be some hesitation to give of yourself as you’re sensitive to anything that feels like others are impinging upon your freedom. Or, confusion about boundaries in a relationship can be prominent. Affections can be intense one minute, and then they cool down the next.

AQUARIUS: There can be competing feelings when it comes to the need for privacy and togetherness. It may be best to aim to discern between feelings coming from a place of insecurity and those that come from the heart. Something could be leading to a dead-end, which means you should investigate alternatives.

PISCES: There can be competing energies pitting your social life or leisure time against chores and duties. Nevertheless, connections can be made today that help further home and family-related goals, and links can be with people or information that point you in the right direction.