Monday, March 8, 2021
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21 July 2020

ARIES: Not everything you are going to achieve now will be tangible or “of the senses”. You’re accustomed to touching, feeling, seeing and hearing the results you work hard for. This transit is about connecting with internal resources which make you strong from the inside out.

TAURUS: You feel as if you are being undermined by people with hidden agendas. This is causing you to back off. It’s hard when you aren’t quite sure what people’s intentions are. You may not have proof but this is where your intuition can be fully relied upon.

GEMINI: You should feel good today with a strong focus on intellectual activity, communication and writing, especially if that’s on your current agenda. Ideas and new information fascinate you. You must be careful not to be too busily engaged in too many activities.

CANCER: Your desire to work hard may be undermined by some legal or contractual issue now. You could be frustrated by the so-called ‘politics’ of work. This seems to be par for the course everywhere these days.

LEO: You probably feel pretty exhausted now and even if you’ve allocated downtime for yourself to recharge your batteries. It seems as if your mind is still working overtime and even a good couple of days is it able to replenish the energy you need.

VIRGO: This is an exceptional few days where your professional prowess can be given full rein. You’re likely to find yourself in a position of leading others, acquiring a new sought-after position or at least being given a temporary opportunity to prove how good you are at your job.

LIBRA: You are particularly sensitive today but this sensitivity sharpens your intuition. This gives you the edge over others. Trust what you see and feel with those who may be pretending to have your best interests at heart.

SCORPIO: Get your family and domestic affairs back on track. To do this, however, you need to work quietly from behind the scenes. Don’t show your hand and use the element of surprise. If talking hasn’t been working at means that your words have become cheap and you are losing respect from within your most intimate and loving circle.

SAGITTARIUS: Your creative pursuits may be blocked now because you are too worried about what people will “think about you”. Being vulnerable is the only way you are able to shine your true creative light. This means forgetting about opinions and even technique or methodology for the time being.

CAPRICORN: Don’t be too quick off the mark assuming someone is something they aren’t. We often do that, particularly because we want to believe that our relationships and social associations will always yield a positive outcome for us.

AQUARIUS: Travel is on your mind recently as you have a pressing need to get away from your usual humdrum of life. Take a mini adventure or holiday to relax. You don’t have to go anywhere super exciting. You just need time to create space. That, in turn, produces a more relaxed you.

PISCES: Finances are uppermost in your mind and you have ideas which can make you money. That can only happen if you stay, the course, even against some difficult odds. There may be a subtle rivalry in your workplace but if you’re clever, you will be clever in using this energy to propel you forward towards your ambitions.