20th September 2019


ARIES: Today you will not be chased by unfulfilled professional duties. You will have ample time to pay attention to your personal matters. You will have to keep a track of your schedule so that you do not lose track of your responsibilities.
TAURUS: Today you remain in the realm of peace and emotional stability. It’s a time of material gain that can satisfy a deep yearning for luxury. A family member may not go along with an idea of yours. You need to meet new people and experience new things. A fun-filled evening with charming company is ideal.
GEMINI: There will be an overall improvement in your financial status. You will acquire material wealth. Your near and dear ones will get all your attention. However pressing the work, you will try and spend some quality time with them. It is a good period for anything which is knowledge based.
CANCER: Avoid doing business with friends or lending them money, as you may find yourself in a situation which is hard to assess. Changing your management pattern helps make things more comfortable. Shopping for loved ones is a possibility and you should share future dreams with your heartthrob.
LEO: You will feel more confident as the day progress. You will gain knowledge and learn how to use it to self-improvement. You will feel the rewards of this process more during the latter part of your life. You will feel great interest in matters that deal with inward powers; this could mean spiritual inclination in some of you.
VIRGO: Work matters may be unpredictable at the moment, but things aren’t likely to be too stressful. A break from routine will be refreshing. Personal interests not related to romance can also be highly rewarding. Take care of your beloved’s needs.
LIBRA: Someone will seek to separate you from the community you’ve been a part of, setting out on behalf of yourself and the ones you love in an independent or more isolated situation.
SCORPIO: This is a routine period for you with some ups and downs in life. Your job might seem tiresome today. You should try to analyze your job and try to understand the psychological factors affecting your colleagues or partner.
SAGITTARIUS: Today you’ll need a little more quiet and solitude than usual. Your drive comes from accomplishing things. You have good organisational skills and commonsense, so make the most of it. You have a fair idea of what makes your beloved tick, but give the benefit of the doubt.
CAPRICORN: It is hard for people to know what you think, so let your heart speak. A new idea may make you reject a firmly held opinion. Try not to keep your friends in a state of uncertainty too long.
AQUARIUS: Overwork can sap your energy so try to avoid having your fingers in too many pies. Time spent running from place to place is generally wasted. You can get a lot achieved with a slight change in attitude, as you are feeling blue and liable to take some risky decisions.
PISCES: After the routine grind of the last few days, it’s time to catch up on issues closer to your heart. You’ll do well in any supportive role at the workplace. In business, expect less interference with the goals you’ve set for the day. Your mind tends to focus on the little details. Warmth and loving are accentuated by the cosmos.