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20th November 2019

ARIES: Retrograde Mercury and the Sun are transiting your eighth house of self-transformation. Finances look good even though you have overspent, and you’re dynamically ready to move into implementing your ambitions. Relax a little and love will come to you.
TAURUS: Mercury is retrograde in your seventh house now. Communication is the focal point. You must be careful about what you say. Your deep concentration will help you achieve great results at work. By looking through the fine print and getting a general consensus, your tensions will ease.
GEMINI: A very lucky combination of Venus and Jupiter in your seventh house ensures your relationships in business partnerships go well now. There are elements of romance and sensual exchanges indicated. Make sure you allow yourself enough time to fully enjoy the occasion.
CANCER: With the Moon transiting your second house you could be worried about finances and other issues of material nature. You must trust that your creative intelligence can turn a negative into a positive at this time. Buying and selling bring fortunate opportunities right now.
LEO: You are highly susceptible to the influence of the Moon now is it transits your Sun sign. It seems as if the more you are talking, or rather, could that be shouting, the less impact you seem to be making. This is a time to take in information which can be of real practical assistance to you in reaching a significant long-range goal.
VIRGO: You must be careful not to overestimate your financial capabilities. The Moon is transiting your 12th house and this means you may give away more than you need to. Financial responsibilities can be a little uncomfortable for you. Being too pushy will result in physical mishaps if you’re not careful.
LIBRA: You need action with Mars transiting your Sun sign. It will leave shortly so you must capitalise on any available resources at your disposal. You need a safeguard if you’re considering major changes in your finances or proposed investments.
SCORPIO: You are inquisitive with retrograde Mercury transiting your Sun sign. You are mentally stimulated. You need to implement preliminary measures before starting any new studies. Your investigations into personal matters may end up inconclusive at best.
SAGITTARIUS: As Venus transits your Sun sign with Jupiter be watchful of overindulgence. Venus indicates poor health due to lack of restraint. There’s been some recent unearthing of facts that have led you to a deeper understanding of things, however; there are undercurrents that you can’t yet quite decipher.
CAPRICORN: You are feeling intuitive with Venus and Jupiter transiting your 12th house. Your dreams are powerful and can give you insights into a practical nature. You don’t need to be so in control now. Allowing the emotional waters to flow is a great way to help heal yourself.
AQUARIUS: Engaging friendships and new romance are on the cards with Venus and Jupiter transiting your 11th house. It’s a good time to clear any financial debts. The Moon is transiting your sixth house. You may be unwilling to accept a situation amidst the commotion that is emerging at this time.
PISCES: You can reap some amazing benefits from your work now. This is all due to the exceptionally wonderful current transit of Venus and Jupiter in your career sector. Your judgement is good at the moment so trust your instincts if you meet someone and don’t feel comfortable with them.