Thursday, March 4, 2021
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20th May 2019

ARIES: There might also be a conflict of values that gets under your skin, perhaps with others’ beliefs or ideas getting you riled up. Try to unwind and avoid clinging too tightly to your expectations for best results today.
TAURUS: This is not the ideal time for tasks that require sharp focus and concentration or acute perceptions. Draw upon your common sense as much as possible and sidestep the tendency to think that the grass is greener somewhere else.
GEMINI: Leniency with others may be taken a little too far, and boundaries may be crossed. In truth, it can be difficult to know whether you want some space or companionship today, and it may be better to do a little of both.
CANCER: There has been a stronger focus than usual on your social life or involvement with groups and causes these days, but with today’s emphasis on your work and health sector, you can feel a little torn between pleasure and work.
LEO: Personal needs tend to win over responsibilities now, even though you very much want to get things done, and for the most part, enjoy doing so. The issue is that you’re divided, and it can be hard to choose one or the other.
VIRGO: As much as you’d like to be, it may not be the best time to be productive, and over-indulgence tends to have its price right now. However, you might decide to do what you can, and avoid getting too wound up if you don’t quite reach the mark today.
LIBRA: There is a temptation to apply bandaid fixes to problem areas, and in this way, you may be borrowing from the future since the problem will return later on when it’s likely to be even harder to manage.
SCORPIO: Procrastination increases stress levels, now and in the future. You can be indulgent with a partner or significant other, but others can be hard to please, and perhaps not as grateful as you’d like.
SAGITTARIUS: This is not a big day for productivity, and you may feel tired or worn out merely thinking about all that you want to achieve. A strong part of you wants to take the responsible route and get your chores out of the way, and an equally powerful side of you craves some freedom.
CAPRICORN: While you may be procrastinating a little, you can also be quite excited about meeting challenges and handling your duties by tomorrow when the Sun and Mercury head into your work and health sector.
AQUARIUS: You may very well feel torn, and you may no longer feel the wind in your sails. Or, this is a time for feeling energized and motivated to chase your desires, but there can be a tendency to indulge or even enable others in an effort to smooth over problems or to give yourself a break.
PISCES: As well today, responsibilities and duties beckon you, and you can feel quite torn. As much as you want to get the essential things out of the way, it can be hard to do with your heart not quite in it.