20th March 2020

Last updated on: March 19, 2020 at 9:24 pm IST


ARIES: To be successful, you have to assume the attitude of success. People are quick to pick up on your mood, the vibration or aura around you. It’s quite amazing how people intuitively know exactly how you feel, even if you’re trying to portray an air of confidence.
TAURUS: Don’t let yourself be influenced too easily by others. Standby your decisions even if others question your logic. It’s more about your motivation than anything else. On the home front, more cooperation will be a welcome thing.
GEMINI: You can expect some obstacles on the financial front. This is nothing you can’t fix with a little creative thinking on your part. The important thing today is to not let your worry spiral out of control. This is only going to make you feel physically unwell.
CANCER: Take any and all necessary precautions to avoid unexpected problems at work. Cover all bases. Your emotional instability is the only thing that is going to undermine your excellent professional efforts now. This means making some important decisions, some of which you may not like.
LEO: You may be tempted to dig into some savings you said you wouldn’t touch. Is there some other way you can bypass the tough financial demands at present? Quick solutions may sometimes result in long term problems. This means holding off and thinking things through a little more carefully.
VIRGO: As a parent, the day-to-day business of life can sometimes make you inattentive to the needs of your family. This is especially true of your children and the friends they entertain. You must step up your watchfulness and ensure that you have some safeguards in place.
LIBRA: This is a great time to spend some memorable moments with your best friends. In the area of relationships, these transits also revive your love. You gain valuable new insights into how to better improve your relationships generally.
SCORPIO: You must be on guard of those who would take advantage of you. Everyone is out for a freebie, so don’t be lured by sweet words and tall stories. Trust your intuition if something doesn’t sound right. Your effort in trying to better understand your family is justified.
SAGITTARIUS: You have a broadminded approach now and want to take on some big projects. Your thinking is as big! As long as you keep your feet on the ground, you’ll be able to plan something that can make a big impact. More importantly, are your intentions and those you choose to collaborate with.
CAPRICORN: Sometimes, you have to be firm, even cruel to be kind. If you’re too soft-hearted, you send the wrong message to those not acting the way they should. You’ll bear the majority of the burden and responsibility if you don’t lay down some rules.
AQUARIUS: Your finances take a battering right now unless you’re prepared to tighten your belt. You’d be surprised at how small expenses like stacks add up in the long run. There’s a little work involved in setting up a budget but well worth it in the end. If you’ve been finding it hard to make ends meet, it’s essential.
PISCES: Being competent is a plus right now even if you have to put in extra hours to get everything exactly the way you want it. You might not think anyone is paying any attention that they are. You are trying to sidestep any criticism for your work and it looks like you’ve done a pretty good job.