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20th June 2019

ARIES: Your willpower is obstructed at present. Water, however, assumes any shape and overcomes even the biggest obstructions. Be like water today. Cutting back on your expenses may be difficult as social opportunities demand that you spend more.
TAURUS: This is a good time for you to attend social events or travel. You’ll attract the right sort of friends now. You seem attracted to either generating money, to or generously donating money or time to someone or some organization.
GEMINI: You need to make small compromises to keep the peace. This choice is the lesser of the two evils. Don’t let negative feelings harm good friendships. It’s not a bad idea to take an indirect approach to solve a crisis.
CANCER: The planets indicate satisfactory journeys if you choose to travel now. Long-distance romance is also preferred by this position. You can assert yourself in a quiet and unassuming manner. You’ll even surprise yourself with how much you can get done and how well you can convince others to follow your lead.
LEO: It’s premature to take out additional credit if not needed. Consolidate your loans beforehand. You mustn’t struggle too much to assert yourself in your workplace. By doing this, you are projecting the idea that you are not confident or secure in yourself.
VIRGO: Affectionate feelings are aroused and your physical attraction intensifies during this period. The desire to please others in love, to give as well as receive pleasure makes lovemaking joyful. If your relationship is not a passionate one, you’ll still feel frisky and pleasantly stimulated by your other half.
LIBRA: You have some irrational fears that need to be worked through even if that seems like a daunting task. This takes commitment and courage. Sometimes you just need to get away from it all. If you’re feeling overwhelmed the best thing you can do is pull yourself away and give yourself some breathing space.
SCORPIO: You’re able to communicate with others in a spontaneous and uninhibited manner. You’re less subdued than usual and others won’t take offence to your joking or frankness because you are able to use this as a means of connecting directly heart to heart.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re confronted by creative choices now. Perhaps not that drastic though. You should look at ways to combine these two seemingly disparate means. The more strategic or intellectual sports are ideal e.g. tennis or basketball. But slower activities like yoga are also ideal too.
CAPRICORN: You can be a supportive investor of the activities of those you love and work with. If they haven’t yet figured out what they want to do, this karmic transit causes you to return favours to others with added benefits.
AQUARIUS: You may be misjudging yourself at the moment and seeing your personality through the filter of someone’s opinions. Judgements by others are never a standard by which to measure your worth, only your need to improve on the value that is already inherent in you.
PISCES: This is a natural time to sort out problems or issues that are bothering you. You are a better position to deal with legalities, to teach or to learn, to travel and to promote, publish or advertise your ideas. Your family affairs grab most of your attention at the moment, especially children.