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20th January 2019

ARIES: There is a possibility of unnecessary excitement. You might feel impatient and want everything at once. You will be in the limelight and hold every body’s attention. Sudden gains through association with people rise in financial status is indicated.
TAURUS: There may be too many activities in your life and you may wonder why you have no control over your destiny! do not worry, try to maintain a patient attitude and soon you will find that life is back to its normal routine.
GEMINI: You need to be extra careful and tactful as there may be a lot of people who do not appreciate your intervention. Your health may need special care as your astral signature indicates that you may feel out of sort. You must be careful as you deal with your near and dear ones.
CANCER: Today you may have to exercise extreme diplomacy and tact while dealing with people In official matters that need sorting remember to get everything in writing. Do not leave anything to chance.
LEO: Your job might seem tiresome today. You should try to analyze your job and try to understand the psychological factors affecting your colleagues or partner. Despite this but you will still enjoy good time with your family.
VIRGO: You may find some obstacles blocking your progress but keep you cool and soon life will be smooth and carefree. Some long pending money matters may give positive indications and that shall make you happy.
LIBRA: A sudden increase in expenditure is expected in the near future so you should try to save for it. The emphasis is on relationships today. Your emotional quotient will be up to the mark. You will handle relationships carefully.
SCORPIO: If you are in active sport or in the creative field, you may find other people to be more interfering than usual. Keep to your course and avoid confrontations. If you throw in your lot with someone you trust, there’s no end to what you can do.
SAGITTARIUS: There may be a sudden craving for security today. This is in contrast to your normally stoic and stable mountain goat projected exterior. You may seek support and confidence from close partners, associates and even family members. You shall get the full support from all quarters.
CAPRICORN: You would not be hesitant and recognize the necessity of taking things in your stride and find a long term solution to a nagging problem. The welfare of your near and dear ones will also be high in your agenda. While going about with your newfound confidence, you may be ready for anything and everything.
AQUARIUS: Health and planning of long distance travel may cause some worries. You shall plan for the future and shall try to make safe investments. Love and romance may recede to the background but it will be there in your heart.
PISCES: This is not the time for confrontations; this is the time for consolidation. Try to inculcate the spirit of freedom, truth and honesty into your heart. You will automatically feel the difference. Be careful how you deal with your near and dear ones.