Thursday, July 29, 2021
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20th February 2020

ARIES: It’s quite okay to be more traditional in your outlook. With Jupiter and Saturn currently in Capricorn now, the tried and tested might be more beneficial to you. The problems you’ve been encountering at work have less to do with the situation, so much as your own attitude to it.
TAURUS: You will feel as if your identity may have been lost. If you don’t take more control of your circumstances, your targets may not be achieved in the timeframe you’ve planned. You have vivid dreams of what and where you want to be.
GEMINI: Friends and family want privileges and concessions and you’re prone to giving it to them without proper scrutiny. This is going to make negotiations much harder in future. Family issues attract your attention during this cycle.
CANCER: Try to get outside and away from enclosed spaces. You might have cabin fever right now and this is impacting upon your most significant partnerships. You’re feeling more empathetic and feel the need to care for someone too. A worthy cause might arise out of the blue.
LEO: You tend to be overly demanding of yourself right now. This stems from dissatisfaction with your own performance. You haven’t been giving yourself enough credit for your own efforts. You may have stumbled on some sensitive information.
VIRGO: Your daily routine must be calibrated to accommodate someone now. It could be a guest, relative, or a change in your immediate domestic routine. Although you are happy about having someone different to mix things up, you may also miss having your own personal space.
LIBRA: You could be overwhelmed by deadlines. This could be made worse by the fact that you don’t particularly like the specific task, even though you love your work. Maybe you can swap out some of these tasks with a colleague if they’re amenable.
SCORPIO: Whatever you’re planning, rest assured it may not come easily while Saturn receives the energies of the Moon over the next two or three days. Clearly define your professional relationships. Don’t allow personal sentiment to impact the quality of your work.
SAGITTARIUS: Doing’ is the operative word today and requires you to start that new project. Procrastinating will only snowball the tedious parts of the initiative. Simply shrug your shoulders and walk away from any provocation. Because you have so many great ideas at the moment you should be feeling upbeat.
CAPRICORN: What you have to say now can impact other people’s lives positively. This may be the case, even if you aren’t particularly aware of it. You are extremely encouraging and uplifting to those who aren’t as capable as you. Your humility will win a few extra friends during this cycle.
AQUARIUS: Saturn and Uranus are your rulers and are moving through self-reflective areas of your horoscope. You may have been far too engaged for too long over the previous months. In other words, you’ve been overdoing it. As a consequence, nature may have forced you into a type of social ‘hibernation ‘for a while.
PISCES: Relationships are subject to important karmic changes now. Unless you discuss what you want mutually, you could find yourself bogged down. Change is in the air and love is where your focus is. It’s quite likely that if you are in a relationship, your partner is feeling exactly the same way.