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20th February 2019

ARIES: You are drawn to restful, relaxing, and healing activities these days. With Mars in a quiet sector, too, this is a time for reflection and processing. While there can be some unusual or uncomfortable feelings today, possibly due to a reminder of a past disappointment or loss, as the day advances, there is powerful energy for a strong sense of moving forward.
TAURUS: You take more pride than usual in your friendships, connections, community involvement, or aspirations, and associates or friends may look to you for direction. Sharing visions with others gives you a boost, and you get more satisfaction than usual when your actions positively impact others.
GEMINI: Career or long-term goals can be on your mind more than usual, and you take more pride in your performance, the work you do, or the responsibilities you fulfill. As a result, your motivation to succeed can strengthen. Others are noticing your work or your accomplishments, so it’s wise to draw upon your more responsible, competent side.
CANCER: This is a time for reaching beyond your usual limits, boundaries, and routines in order to experience and learn new things. You are feeling in form and especially confident now. The routine or mundane elements of your life appear less exciting and more black-and-white as you seek out colorful life experiences.
LEO: This is a time for recognizing debts and dependencies, and for sorting these out. In fact, you can gain a real feeling of self-empowerment during this cycle that lasts until March 20th. Investigating, researching, playing detective, and analyzing are all favored now.
VIRGO: You take more pride in how you get along with others, and how well you find harmony and balance in your personal environment in the weeks ahead. At times, it may seem that others are directing your life in some way. Of course, to relate well with other people, a strong sense of self is vital–another area in which Mars is helping.
LIBRA: You’re inclined to keep some things closer to the chest, but you’re also rather focused on getting things done. The Sun is spotlighting your work, service, health, daily habits, and routines until March 20th, and there can be an emphasis on improving your self-care habits, organization, and work commitments.
SCORPIO: This is a creative period, and for some, it’s especially romantic. Love and attraction might be on your mind more than usual, special projects may be renewed or refreshed, new avenues for self-expression and entertainment can open up, and the need for positive feedback is very strong.
SAGITTARIUS: Today’s energies are a little up and down, however. While the Full Moon may have excited your emotions, today there can be a small reality check to manage. Pay attention to the fears and feelings that surface today, as you can learn a lot about what might be holding you back.
CAPRICORN: February is now shaping up to be a more sociable, outgoing month. Your independent streak is stimulated, but you may need to throw yourself into editing work before pushing something forward today. Try to slow yourself down and get centered. You’ll need to let go of the negative to embrace the positive.
AQUARIUS: It’s an excellent time for taking charge of your finances and valuables, but it’s also a unique period for recognizing your own value! Working on honing natural talents or drawing upon these to advance your goals is favored now.
PISCES: You are at a yearly personal peak of sorts, and you might play with a new look, style, or image. You are more inclined than usual to take mindful action rather than merely react to what is going on around you. You hold more power than usual to make resolutions and to make changes that truly improve your life.