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20th December 2019

ARIES: If you’re tempted to do something different today, don’t feel guilty. Allow your sense of adventure to prevail. Issues of love can be bound up in sexual matters. Express and resolve whatever issues have been bothering you.
TAURUS: Decisions involving money or important commitments should probably be made another time. A desire for resolution of some monetary matter may bother you. You should still wait. Ideally, you can use this time to organize and make sure that your plans are built on a solid foundation.
GEMINI: You must be careful of environmental issues which are affecting your health now. If you’re painting, redecorating or working with chemicals, take adequate precautions. You may need to extend yourself to fulfil everyone’s demands today.
CANCER: Your career life is strong at present. You have a distinct ability to make your mark professionally. Your self-respect is on the rise. You’ll more than likely find that your confidence and optimism (self-worth) is very strong during this period of the year and should bring you many benefits and opportunities.
LEO: If you’re losing things, you need to take an inventory of what’s important and where everything is. In this way, you’ll know exactly where anything is at any given time. If you have teenage children, use a different strategy to get them to think along your lines.
VIRGO: Be careful, you may be stabbed in the back by someone you trust. When speaking with others you must read between the lines to understand who the culprit is. You are genuinely concerned for others and want to do something of a charitable nature.
LIBRA: You have to carefully assess and balance two extremes of worldly responsibility and carefree existence. Doubts about the spiritual meaning of life bring you to a crisis and a crossroads in your thinking and attitude towards life.
SCORPIO: It’s time for you to sort out the dead wood in your life – physically and emotionally. You could say it’s a spring cleaning of sorts. It may not be easy however, as other people may be holding on to the nostalgia and what they perceive as things of value.
SAGITTARIUS: Something unexpected, unusual, or surprising occurs now. You experience something unexplainable, perhaps an uncanny synchronicity or coincidence. There’s an electric atmosphere of spontaneity, uncertainty, or excitement between and others today.
CAPRICORN: You need to remove anything unsavory in your life. Unfortunately this is related to the company you keep. You’ll be influenced by someone and possibly unconsciously attracted to elements of their personality that aren’t exactly the embodiment of refinement.
AQUARIUS: Needs and desires in relationships lead you to re-evaluate yourself. Are you able to meet the needs of others or yourself? And as importantly, are others meeting YOUR own needs? This is a time to question whether these requirements are reasonable and how far you should go to fulfill them.
PISCES: You still have several days of high quality ideas with which you can further your professional objectives with. Don’t be afraid to share them. You can also use these new insights to improve your relationships. You are reactive and likely to go off for no reason.