Saturday, September 18, 2021
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20th August 2019

ARIES: You have some distinctly intuitive hunches today so follow what your heart says or you may regret not trusting that small inner voice later. These insights will go a long way towards saving you money. It’s likely an impulse buy will be eyed with some suspicion.
TAURUS: Your expansive thinking may be ridiculed by someone you thought had more respect for you. You could let this get in the road of a long-term friendship but don’t make too much of a big deal of it. Brush it aside and only share your vision with those who are open to new ideas.
GEMINI: You must not show your hand today even though you may feel a little guilty being as shrewd as you will be, this is the only way to ferret out information and get to the bottom of a situation that is bothering you. You don’t necessarily have to be deceptive to be cagey.
CANCER: Your spouse or loved one is making excessive demands on you and although you’ve been pretty good in suppressing your anger, it’s likely that you may retaliate over the coming two or three days. Keep working at self-control as you will get through this shortly and things will settle back down to normal.
LEO: Don’t lead people on just now even if you feel the flattery is quite comforting. Be honest, as this will win you respect and also make life less complicated in the coming months. It is very likely that you will win the approval of several people and may find it difficult to choose between one and the other.
VIRGO: Try asserting yourself a little more if people are not taking you seriously. If you are trying to please everyone all the time you will never get to say your peace. A show of power or control may be what is necessary to gain the attention of someone important just now.
LIBRA: You may have a discussion with someone regarding a loss of some kind. Although this may be unpalatable, it will help the person clear the way for better times. You have to be prepared to take a gamble and share your ideas with others even if you are afraid of ridicule.
SCORPIO: It’s a perfect time to re-evaluate your finances. Get out your accounts, clear the debts and make way for some enhanced savings. Don’t take unnecessary risks as you may overstep the mark. You may be resisting some inner spiritual calling out of fear.
SAGITTARIUS: You need to combine your tasks today so that you have surplus time at your disposal. Things could be touchy with those in your workplace, and even reasonable responses will be met with defiance and antagonism. You may need to sidestep people today.
CAPRICORN: You’ll come to a decision about a family issue at this time. It’s imperative that you don’t dredge up old stories as this will only inflame the situation. It’s time to step up and take on a leadership role, at least temporarily. Others may look to you for guidance at this time.
AQUARIUS: You mustn’t share your supply of funds and power until you have built up an adequate supply. Consolidate your position first. You’ll be forgetful today, not just with valuables but with mundane things as well. Sleep, dreams and new insights may be the keys to what needs to be done in your waking state.
PISCES: By listening more carefully, you’ll draw others nearer to you. The art of listening is important for developing and deepening your relationships today. You need to open up your mind to modern music styles. Drop your preconceptions and enjoy the moment.