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20th August 2018

ARIES: Sudden changes in your work position are likely. You may be learning to express yourself deliberately and not waste your words. Putting a lot of energy into fulfilling personal goals should be very satisfying. Get ready to put time and effort into pampering your beloved.
TAURUS: You feel that you need more independence within your work sphere. Be careful not to dwell on the negatives in your life; try to live in the present and enjoy the little triumphs.
GEMINI: Find a way to divide your time and you can handle everything without allowing a third person to dominate. Stars shall be on your side today and whatever you desire you shall get and you shall like this period to continue.
CANCER: With your penchant for excitement, there is a physical attraction to be found in intellectual conflict. A financial opportunity is linked to foreign contacts or companies try to use this opportunity to the optimum.
LEO: The past will be behind you. But you may have to exercise extreme diplomacy and tact while dealing with people who are from your past. In official matters that need sorting remember to get everything in writing. Do not leave anything to chance. Try to tie up all the loose ends before you breathe a sigh of relief.
VIRGO: The desire to work harder in your chosen field is stronger today. An association connected to your work may turn more personal. You’re on the same wavelength with your sweetheart at the moment.
LIBRA: Thoughts of your beloved will bring you a handful of fresh air and it will make you look forward to your time together. Those who are attached will also enjoy good time with the spouse.
SCORPIO: Good ideas at work, solid Interaction with friends, family, mate or lover, all add to the creation of deeper ties. You have more money at your disposal and there are some marvellous windfall gains.
SAGITTARIUS: A new beginning is predicted for you. Others will seek to separate from the community you’ve been a part of, setting out on behalf of yourself and the ones you love in an independent or more isolated situation.
CAPRICORN: You shall be getting an opportunity in to implement your plans. New relationships shall develop which shall bring in new opportunities. Entertainment should entice you, but curb any tendency to overspend.
AQUARIUS: Today is a day for some much needed rest and relaxation, surrounded by those you love. All the tumults and glory will finally melt down in this phase – peace and contentment prevail.
PISCES: Consider the broader picture and new inspiration will provide the key to long term success. Opposites attract and fire your desire. Today is a day for romance so go ahead and make it a day to be remembered.