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18 September 2020

ARIES: You have the opportunity to release yourself from all past guilt and transgressions now. You also meet others who have an open and forgiving attitude. It all starts with a forgiving attitude to yourself. This helps you trust in yourself more deeply and to align your desires with a higher purpose. TAURUS: You need to stir your spirit. It's time to push forward in your romantic endeavours but you must take the initiative. Romance is in the air once again and you'll want to emotionally reach out to someone....

Poor PR skills

By maintaining exclusive control over the provision of various public goods, the State makes itself indispensable in the lives of its citizens. From fixing the price of morning cup of tea to setting the limit for night-time business, the Government maintains an alarming presence in our lives. The public is obliged to transact with the Government and the various public institutions ensure that the citizens have no choice but to do so. However, as a consumer of various public goods, the citizen is invariably dissatisfied with the quality of service...
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