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On rising cases of Covid in Nagaland

Dear Madam, Over the past few days, it has been observed that Covid-19 cases has increased in Dimapur after showing a sharp decline. What’s more alarming is that the number of traced contacts are also increasing day by day. People needs to be careful and follow the SOPs properly in order to stop the spread of the virus and stop the pandemic. Vikash Gupta, Dimapur...
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Sensible reasonables for inking the pending Indo-Naga political issue

I don’t know the reasons of why the supposedly finalized Draft of the Agreement between the GoI and the NNPGs has not been inked so far. Are the reasons for not inking the draft lying with the Government of India? Or it is with the NSCN IM? If I correctly remember, the Working Committee –WC- of the Working Group of 7 NNPGs has -quite some time ago- made known the principles of their Draft Agreement with the GoI in the Public Domain. I also read them and would think the...
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NSCN (IM) on Sept 11 incident at Namrei village, Ukhrul

Ironically, the Assam Rifles (AR) particularly in Manipur had taken the fancy to posture aggressive against the Naga people under any slight pretext, notwithstanding the fact that crucial rounds of the Indo-Naga political talks is at hand in New Delhi. What is more indignant of the ubiquitous AR is their free-wheeling movement among the populace despite their covid-19 positive case status shooting up every passing day in Manipur and elsewhere in the Northeast. Referring to what happened on the 11th September 2020 at Namrei village, Ukhrul District, under the command...

ARK Foundation conducts webinar on substance abuse

Dimapur, September 13: The ARK Foundation in collaboration with Tetso College Dimapur, through the support from the Department of Social Welfare conducted a webinar on "Sensitization workshop on substance abuse in Nagaland" with the faculty members of the college on September 11. The program was held through a virtual connection by the various speakers, and was moderated by Dr. Aniruddha Babar. Opening the program, the moderator shared his concerns about young people getting into nicotine and tobacco use which gradually results in indulgence into harder drugs and more severe drugs...
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