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9 August 2020

ARIES: Being sentimental could draw you into the past. Remembering the good things is wonderful, but be prepared for reminiscences of the hard times as well. Take the good with the bad and remember, you are who you are as a result of all those experiences. TAURUS: You need to quit being conservative and try to express your individuality. Being spontaneous today will give you a great sense of creative exhilaration. You should be ready to get some recognition at this time. Bring the force of your personality into your...
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NPYC on 60th Foundation Day of IYC

Good morning everyone, I send my warmest greetings and congratulation to the Indian youth Congress on celebration of its 60th foundation day. Today is a historic day for us because 60 years ago in the year 1960, on this very day the Indian youth Congress was established so I take great pride and honor to pay attribute to the pioneers and the senior leaders of IYC. As we celebrate, I ,on behalf of the Nagaland Pradesh youth Congress convey my utmost gratitude to the Indian youth Congress under the visionary...

Wayward state

Crime is an unwanted feature of how growing cities/towns exhibit social upheavals, finding its origins in how urbanization mixes with chaos to either chart new courses or challenge the inherent good in our kind. The towns in our State, particularly Dimapur and Kohima, are no different in the fact that it's a growing city given to its own social afflictions and contradictions. Yet, our towns are completely different. It's a growing city that is not evolving with the growth of its population - neither philosophically, nor through its social institutions...
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On re-opening of markets in Dimapur

Dear Madam, The Dimapur District Administration should decide about the opening of markets in Dimapur at the earliest, as most of the businessmen are suffering due to the lockdowns imposed from time to time. Those suffering heavy loses are from the Hongkong Market and New Market, which has been closed since the last week of March. Something needs to be done for the traders. Amit Mazumder, Dimapur...
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