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North East

Meghalaya: BJP, Congress vocal for Khasi, Garo in schools

Shillong, August 7: The BJP in Meghalaya has demanded that learning either Khasi or Garo be made compulsory for all students up to class 5 in the state. At a meeting of the party on the National Education Policy, a decision was taken to press for this, BJP state president Ernest Mawrie said. "The party demand that learning either Khasi or Garo be made compulsory for students of all schools," Mawrie said. All schools in the state should be brought under the NEP, and it should be made mandatory to...
North East

Mizoram Governor writes 13 books including collection of poems during lockdown

Aizawl, August 7: Mizoram Governor P S Sreedharan Pillai did not let the coronavirus induced lockdown go in vain, but made use of his free time at the Raj Bhavan by writing books and poems. He has written at least 13 books, which include collections of poems in English and Malayalam since March. Speaking to PTI, Pillai said the coronavirus induced lockdown gave him more free time for reading and writing books. "No visits are allowed inside Raj Bhavan. My communication with the public is also restricted and all my...
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7 August 2020

ARIES: You may well feel a little hurt or betrayed, but today’s stars urge you to put the past behind you and get on with practical affairs. There is no point at all in raking over matters which are best left alone. Also, perhaps it’s time to be kind and let someone else off the hook. TAURUS: The Moon’s relationship with your sign is a strong signal that you will have to take very great care with all partnership and matrimonial matters. Partners are unlikely to be fobbed off with...

Get organized

Hospitals play a critical role in the healthcare system in providing essential medical care to the community, particularly in a state of crisis. Prolonged outbreaks with progressive spread of disease, with rapidly increasing service demands can potentially overwhelm the capacity of hospitals and the health system at large. Almost all the government hospitals in our State under normal working conditions operate at near-surge capacity. Consequently, even a modest rise in admission volume overwhelms our hospitals beyond their functional reserve. The overwhelming nature of COVID-19 pandemic requires innovative approaches to tackle...
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