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Our hospitals & health workers

With the outbreak of the COVID-19 pandemic, things have not come just to a sudden halt; they have, in many cases, turned upside down. The most striking example is that of the hospitals. Something that was meant for all the sick and diseased became specific for COVID-19 infected patients. In a way, the pandemic staged a coup in all the hospitals. Initially, neither the administration nor the people, in general, bothered about this. The sense of being overtaken by this health emergency was so overwhelming that it left none room...
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5 August 2020

ARIES: You're relentless in your pursuit of an objective and have lots of physical drive to make your dreams a reality. This is a continuation of the more recent Sun and Pluto energies. They are still influencing you at the moment. TAURUS: You need to settle some score with someone today but according to you, words may not be enough. You'll only relax once you sort the matter out. If it's a debt, this could get legal so don't go attacking with all guns blazing just yet. GEMINI: Stop pretending...
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