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The mirroring pandemic

All good things must come to an end ~ so must all bad things. As the last day of December 2020 descends on us and in a matter of hours the curtains fall on this Day ~ December 31 ~ and this year ~ 2020, there will be a global sigh of relief rooted in the profound belief that the worst is over. This belief is what makes the human race perfectly human ~ because hope is inherent in our mental and psychological make-up, which spills over to our community,...
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New Year should refresh the soul

Right from the moment of commencement of a New Year, deafening crackers reverberate across the midnight sky rendering horror in the vulnerable hearts of infant, children, senior citizens, sick and the animal world. The party continues on the streets, bars, night clubs with utmost hooliganism. With the arrival of dawn, picnic parties start their journey towards various destinations playing music in decibels much more than permissible limit.A “majestic” start of the New Year indeed! However this frenzied activity neither requires any concrete effort nor serves any real purpose. People with...
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On coronavirus pandemic in the state

Dear Madam,It is good that the government is acting responsibly in containing the new strain of the coronavirus. But I feel that the existing mechanism to identify the cases and treating them have a number of flaws which are forcing people to not report positive cases. There are people out there who would claim that they had all the symptoms and recovered, but didn't care to inform the responsible authorities. This is alarming and demands introspections.Micheal, Dimapur...
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