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Kids Carnival: 15 students showcase talent

Dimapur, December 4: Marking the fourth day of Kids Carnival managed by Synergy Group Enterprise and supported by Tourism Department as part of Hornbill Festival at Children's Park in Naga Heritage village, Kisama, a colouring, drawing and painting competition was held today. 15 students showcased their talent and creativity through paintings, drawing and colouring. The competition was categorised to group A, B and C. There were 5 participants from group A (class 1-3 colouring), 5 participants from group B(class 4-6 Drawing) and 5 participants from group C (class 7-9 progressive...

Waste management

The collapse of a huge pile and dump, which looked like a great wall of garbage in East Delhi's Ghazipur area last month, sweeping people and vehicles into a nearby canal, is a stark reminder that India's continued neglect of waste management crisis can have deadly consequences. How many people were adversely affected by this accident is still not known to the authorities, which continue to use this open area as a dumping yard for the waste material for the past many years. It is more than a year after...
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