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North East

Sulai, or spirit with water, or a mix of the two?

GOLAGHAT, MARCH 10: While contaminated sulai has been largely blamed for the Assam hooch tragedy, police are probing whether it was this that killed or a concoction of "spirit and water" sold as sulai. Sulai is prepared by fermenting molasses, often mixed with alum and calcium carbide. While an illicit drink as per Assam's Excise Department, it is popular as the alcohol content of sulai is higher than the rice beer traditionally prepared at home. Some sulai producers are known to add used batteries and urea to make fermentation faster....

Governments & the Free Press

The Nagaland Government is in good company, along with Assam and Jammu & Kashmir, vis-à-vis Government advertisements and payments thereof. You may be aware that the North East Newspaper Society (NENS) has announced a three-day boycott of all Assam Government advertisements, any news and photographs related to the State Government to register its protest against the Government’s apathy towards the problems faced by Assam’s newspaper houses. The boycott began from the March 10 issues of the newspapers. The NENS laments that while the advertisement rates have not been revised since...
Page Mail

Stand behind our soldiers

Dear Madam, To milk political advantage from the success of our soldiers is a dangerous practice. No way can it be denied that our soldiers fight for the whole country and not just for one political party! If a military operation has been projected as a political asset of one political party then it will send a wrong impression that the whole country is divided in terms of our defence policy. The whole country needs to be behind our soldiers during a war-like situation. The fact of the matter is...
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