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20 September 2020

ARIES: You may say one thing one minute and the opposite thing the next. Most of the time, you continue to jump from one issue to the next like this with no hassle, but today people are likely going to call you on it. Think about what you really mean before you say it. Don’t do all your thinking aloud while other people can hear.

TAURUS: Sometimes you tend to take people at face value. You’re a very open person, so you assume that other people are equally as honest. Today you could be dealing with a person who has hidden layers. Perhaps they are not revealing the full story. Don’t always take their words at face value.

GEMINI: Freedom is the name of the game for you today. Whether you realize it or not, you have a great deal of it and you should be confident about exercising it. Be spontaneous. Plan a long trip to the spot on the globe that you are most curious about. You have a great deal of life to live so get out there and live it.

CANCER: Today is a fantastic day for you. You will find that the fog that has been clouding up your head over the past couple days has finally cleared and that you are ready to proceed with action. Communication plays a big part in the way in which you proceed today.

LEO: Today you might be feeling concerned with what others think about you. You could be wishing for more appreciation and attention. Your are an intelligent and efficient person, and sometimes people tend to take your qualities for granted. They don’t always see how difficult it is for you to accomplish all that you do.

VIRGO: This is not a day to be sitting around the house. If you are not at the dock at exactly the right time, you are going to miss the boat! Make sure your watch is displaying the right time. There is a time for relaxation and a time for action.

LIBRA: You could be examining the roles that you play. Perhaps you often play the role of a brother or a father figure. People around you might turn to you for support. Although it may feel good to take on this responsibility, sometimes you need nurturing too! So today, if you feel a little drained or tired, don’t pretend that everything is okay.

SCORPIO: Let yourself go into high creative mode, and drift off into a whole other world. Escape your present reality and explore your fantasies through any sort of artistic endeavor. Dream as big as your mind allows. There is no limit to the things that can manifest on a day like today.

SAGITTARIUS: Desire is the name of the game today for you. If you want it, you can get it, but it won’t come easily. The prize will go to the person who desires it the most. Show the people around you how much you can accomplish. You will impress others with your incredible drive and determination.

CAPRICORN: Things may get a bit confusing for you today. Don’t feel like you need to make sense of it all. In fact, this task may be downright impossible. Whatever you do, make sure you are being yourself. Let your creative nature shine through today.

AQUARIUS: Suddenly things are coming to a head for you. The drama is escalating and you are not sure if you can remember all of your lines. Take things one step at a time. Deal with the issues as they come. If you get a head of yourself, you might get overwhelmed by what you fear will be too daunting of a situation than you can handle.

PISCES: When faced with ten entrees on the menu, it may be hard for you to choose just one. Feel free to order two or more. Don’t let indecisiveness slow you down. At the same dime, don’t view it as something negative. The key for today is to go with the flow. Expand your dreams as far and wide as you wish.