Monday, April 19, 2021
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20 July 2020

ARIES: Pausing your busy schedule is most appropriate now if you can manage it. You can feel very much in need of calm as the day advances. While indulging in some alone time can be quite beneficial, others tend to support your ideas, and conversations with family can be especially helpful.

TAURUS: You’re likely to be more creative and at ease when it comes to expressing yourself, and you’re inclined to feel more comfortable if you remove yourself from the action. Still, it’s a fine time for some intellectual companionship or stimulation.

GEMINI: It can be satisfying to keep a goal in mind so that you can focus. There can be situations that encourage you to mature, grow, and improve. You tend to feel more at ease with meaningful tasks than you do with frivolous ones.

CANCER: Despite a tendency to focus on frustrating elements early today, you’re in a generally reflective state of mind in the first half of the day. Your broader goals become more appealing. You feel more confident and comfortable in your skin. You radiate good energy, and you tend to attract positive attention and feedback as a result. You seem to be at greater ease expressing both your ideas and feelings.

LEO: You tend to process your feelings and recent experiences, but you’re also drawn to situations, people, and projects that engage your emotions and absorb you. You might see a new layer of a situation, perhaps even remembering a past matter differently.

VIRGO: The focus is on the details, your work, or your routine in the first half of the day. It’s a useful focus once you’ve moved past the tendency to fret or spin your wheels. It’s best to handle things one step at a time rather than do much multitasking right now.

LIBRA: You find it hard to ignore taking care of business. Organizing your life in small but essential ways is a strong draw now. Accomplishing something is rewarding. You might talk comfortably and naturally about matters that previously were hidden or too private to discuss.

SCORPIO: You’re emotionally and mentally invested in your heartfelt pursuits today. Your ideas and sense of fun are big. It’s best to explore your thoughts and desires without pressure now for best results. Giving certain opinions more thought can be particularly useful now as you view a matter differently.

SAGITTARIUS: Domestic and personal matters take center stage. Resolving differences comes especially naturally through conversation or further thought. This is a time to process newer feelings or recent events in your love life and make changes that benefit you going forward.

CAPRICORN: You might take an active interest in learning new things and connecting with others. You might benefit from others’ input and help. You might do better with projects that are already in progress rather than pressuring yourself to take on more. A change of pace can be refreshing on an emotional level today.

AQUARIUS: Your emotions steady, and you focus more on your physical and comfort needs. You’re in good shape for talking readily about health, work, and other practical matters. Giving these matters special thought can be in focus. It’s a time for grounding yourself now.

PISCES: oday is strong for connecting with people or projects you love. Conversations are inspiring. You can feel a strong need for self-nurturing for a couple of days. It’s a time for appreciating or making the most of your leisure time. You’re likely to feel connected and engaged or crave involvement.