20 beneficiaries selected for water tanks to promote water harvesting


Dimapur, July 6: Twenty beneficiaries for distribution of 3000 litre water tanks to promote water harvesting, an initiative of the Governor of Nagaland PB Acharya were selected today at Raj Bhavan Kohima.
Earlier, Governor Acharya had announced that 50% subsidy for water storage tank within Kohima town to twenty applicants will be given so as to encourage citizens to take up water harvesting. The Governor’s Secretariat received 46 applications in total.
A lucky draw was held to pick out the names of the beneficiaries. Lady wife of the Governor, Kavita Acharya picked up the first name while the offers and staff members picked up the remaining beneficiaries. Five additional names were also picked up and kept on wait list.
Governor Acharya stated that rainwater harvesting was the need of the hour and making the switch to an eco friendly rainwater harvesting system was neither complicated nor time consuming which will result in a wide range of benefits for home or business.
The Governor opined that since most parts of the State see rainfall for six months or more, rain water harvesting will be beneficial for the people. He encouraged citizens to set up water tanks and harvest the rain water to address the water scarcity problem in the State. Water is life, save water for sustenance of the future, Acharya stated.
Raj Bhavan Kohima has arranged water storage tanks of 3000 ltrs capacity. The Governor’s Secretariat will contact the selected beneficiaries. The last date for collecting the water storage tanks is July 25.
If any beneficiary fails to claim within the stipulated period, the benefit would automatically shift to the next beneficiary in the wait list.
Construction of a 1.5 lakhs litre water harvesting reservoir in Raj Bhavan has also been completed with an aim to manage the Raj Bhavan garden. Water tanks have also been put in various locations of the Raj Bhavan compound to harvest rain water.
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The following have been selected for distribution of the water storage tanks.
Sl.No. Name Address
1. Tezenlo Magh               Perizie Colony, High School
2. Yangpila Anar              Chandmari Colony
3 Vitsonei                          Agri  Farm Colony
4. Kevi Angami                Phezou, Jotsoma
5. A. Meren Jamir           Lower Forest Colony
6. Denise Keppen            Kuoliezou Colony
7. T. Boulie Angami        Naga Hospital Colony
8. Longra Chongdok       Sepfüzou Colony
9. Khaimang Thangeo     New Minister’s Hill Colony
10. Mhalezonuo               Middle PWD Colony
11. Nokevi Sakhrie           Zienuo Badze Colony
12. Kevimedo                    Zoudo Colony
13. Lhingjahoi                  New Minister’s Hill Colony
14. Ashuy                           Lerie Colony
15. Hetoli Tep                   Kezieke Colony
16. Asino Kechu               Lower P R Hill
17. Sazole Kikhi                Upper Daklane
18. Kevimedo Zumvü      Nachama Village
19. Kikrusaü                      High School Colony
20. Medophrenuo            C/O Mewi Abode Hostel, IG Road
Wait list
1. Anthony Ajabou Solo      Zienuobadze Colony Near IG Stadium
2. Chubayula                         New Minister’s Hill, Colony
3. Lanusangla Lemtur         New Minister’s Hill Colony
4. Imliwati Jamir                 Lerie Colony
5. Tiawapang Ao                  Upper PWD Colony