2 online fraudsters nabbed for duping Naga woman

2 online fraudsters nabbed for duping Naga woman

Dimapur, June 11: Nagaland police has arrested two con men from Rajasthan for duping a gullible Naga woman of Rs 67,400.
Police said the arrest was made acting on a FIR lodged with the East Police Station, Dimapur on April 16 last and ended with a house raid thousands of kilometers away at Jhanjpuri, Rajasthan on June 5.
Revealing the modus operandi of the con men, police said two brother Sabir (28) and Shakir (25) came into contact with the victim when she was looking to buy a used iPhone7 on the online marketplace ‘olx’ and after negotiations with one Vikram Wagnmere via WhatsApp (who introduced himself to her as an army personnel) she settled for a price of Rs 35,000.
Police said the victim was asked to make a transfer of Rs 8,000 for the process to start and was asked to pay the rest when the phone reached her. Soon after the payment was made, she received a call from a supposedly ‘courier company’ and she was asked to pay the remaining amount as the phone had reached Dimapur. But even after making the rest of the amount, when she complained that she didn’t receive the phone, she was told that she was late in making the payment and thus she need to pay a penalty of Rs. 200 along with additional Rs. 11,000 which would be refunded back to her.
Upon payment of this, she was told she was late again and need to pay Rs. 11,200 again. In nervousness, she, this time, transferred Rs. 11,000 and thus was asked again to make a payment of another Rs 22,400. She was told that Rs 600 would be collected as late fine and the remaining Rs 44,000 would be refunded back to her. But she neither received the refund nor the phone.
The police, upon investigation, found that the dupers were using two separate bank accounts belonging to SBI (Nuh, Haryana) and PNB (Bharatpur, Rajasthan). They also found that they were using four different phones acquired with genuine documents and further investigations with the police stations in Rajasthan and Haryana led the police to the main criminals who were pinpointed at Jhanjpuri, Bharatpur (Rajasthan).
Nagaland police led by Amit Nigam (IPS) reached Bharatpur on June 4 and after two failed attempts to corner the criminals, the police, with the special group provided by the local police, did a house raid and nabbed the two main accused. The two con men were brought to Dimapur on June 9, and are presently in police remand. (Page News Service)