Tuesday, September 21, 2021

2 FIRs lodged in Dimapur against woman for hurting Naga sentiments

Dimapur, July 6: Two separate FIRs were lodged in Dimapur, one at Sub-Urban Police station and the other at West Police station against one Hema Chowdhury of Mumbai for hurting the sentiments of the Nagas and also threat to life over social media.
Major Boktiba Jamir (Retd) and Advocate Sentimenla had jointly lodged an FIR against Hema Chowdhury in West Police station stating that she had made derogatory remarks and life threats to Nagas and the people of Northeast and which has hurt the sentiments of the people and added that Nagas staying outside are having a sense of insecurity and if left unchecked would trigger a sense of heroism to the defaulter.
“We therefore earnestly request your authority to kindly lodge an FIR against this complaint and book them including her social media followers who have commented abusive threats and derogatory remarks before any harm is done to any Nagas/ North East people at earliest under relevant sections of the law”, the FIR stated.
The second FIR filed at Sub urban Police Station against Hema Chowdhury by Ajit Gogoi, general secretary of NPCC Minority Wing stated that she had made some videos against Nagaland and its people which has inflamed the animal lovers to go against the Naga people.
Ajit Gogoi further stated that Hema Choudhury had been creating hatred for Naga people and land which is a serious violation and creates fear not only for people staying in the state but also out of the state. (Page News Service)