Wednesday, July 28, 2021
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2 Depts collecting royalty on sand illegal: PAC


Dimapur, September 17: The Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council Dimapur has lodged a complaint against two departments collecting royalty for minor minerals and urged the Deputy Commissioner Dimapur to withhold such collections.
In a complaint letter to the DC Dimapur, the PAC stated that on September 16 the PAC found that suppliers of minor minerals like sand coming from Assam were charged royalty both by Geology & Mining and Forest Departments.
The PAC wanted to know why royalty is collected by State Government on minerals coming from outside the State. Is royalty to be collected only when the minerals are explored from our land?” it asked.
“We want to know the rational legality and provision stipulated by what Act it is permitted.”
The PAC further stated that if the minerals coming from outside the State are legal to pay royalty, why two departments have to collect royalty for the same item. “This is totally illegal in the court of law.”
The PAC urged the DC to prohibit both the departments collecting royalty as illegal and not allow such malpractices. It said this is one reason for price escalation where the state actors are involved illegally collecting money and making the public suffer.
The PAC warned that it will continue to man the check gates, and asked the DC to look into the matter in order to prevent any confrontation with department’s staff. (Page News Service)

Only one Dept will collect tax on sand: DC Dimapur
Dimapur, September 17: Following complaint from the Public Action Committee (PAC) of Naga Council Dimapur against two departments – Geology & Mining and Forest – over collection of royalty for minor minerals at different check gates in Dimapur, the DC Dimapur Kevekha Kevin Zehol today convened an emergency meeting with representatives of Forest, Geology & Mining, Administrator, DMC, ACP (Crime) in his office chamber.
On the issue of collection of royalties by Geology & Mining & Forest departments, the meeting after consulting both department representatives resolved that royalty will be collected only by one department – either Forest or Geology & Mining.
On the issue of DMC toll tax collection, Administrator DMC in the emergency meeting convened by the DC said strict instructions have been given to collectors to collect the amounts displayed on the signboards. He informed that the allegations of collecting more than prescribed rate are being investigated. (Page News Service)