2-day Ngada Minis Hornbill Festival commences in Tseminyu


A traditional games display during the Ngada Festival at Tseminyu Old Town on November 27, 2018.

Tseminyu, November 27: The Rengma Naga Community is celebrating Ngada Mini Hornbill Festival with traditional fervour and gaiety at RSA Ground, Tseminyu Old Town.
Ngada is the greatest festival of Rengma Naga community marking the completion of the year and the enjoyment of the year’s harvest.
It is a festival where the wrongdoings of individuals against each other are forgiven and forgotten, said Rengma Hoho president Kenyuseng Tep while delivering the significance of the festival.
The festival also marks the remembrance of old souls by sharing drinks and food in the form of offerings at their graveyards, Tep said.
Local MLA and Advisor for Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Services and Women Resource, R Khing said Ngada festival is a time for rejoicing, giving and sharing with one another the abundance of agricultural products.
He said that Nagaland is rated as the state of festivals because of the distinct tribes with different colourful cultures.
Advisor for Youth Resources and Sports, MLA Zale Neikha recalled that in the past, Rengmas were well known for their act of bravery while presently they are known for their hard-work and marketing skills.
Expressing that Tseminyu is a hotspot for agricultural products that sways the market of Kohima, he lauded the hard labour put forth by the people of Rengma in producing variety of agricultural products not only for household consumption but exporting it to different districts in Nagaland.
This culture of struggle and hard-work has paid rich dividends in improving the economy of the community at large, he said while challenging other Naga tribes to learn the traits of the Rengma community.
Reiterating that the PDA government is for ‘Change and Development’, Neikha asserted that the PDA government intends to work closely with the people. The holding of ‘Mini-Hornbill festivals’ across the state coinciding with the respective tribal festivals is one objective and aspiration of the PDA government with the intent to boost Tourism in the state, while having a multiplying effect on the economy, generating local employment and motivating the young youth/to promote culture, handloom and handicrafts, sports, music arts, creativity and innovation.
“May this celebration bring forth peace and prosperity while we aspire to become responsible citizens and give ourselves a new hope for a better future,” Neikha added.
Advisor for Water Resources, MLA Namri Nchang an idea of celebrating the Mini Hornbill festival was decided during the PDA cabinet meeting held on April 16 last, and it is a brain child of Chief Minister Neiphiu Rio where it was proposed to promote tribal festivals by involving tribal hohos of all districts in Nagaland.
“One of its aims is to encourage our rich art, culture and traditions which every tribe has been blessed by God uniquely,” he said, while calling upon all the Nagas to come together to enjoy and experience each other’s culture and traditions.
Stating that Naga society is not going backward but forward for the welfare of all the Nagas and for the generations to come, he said the PDA government keeping in mind the potential of tourism in the state has initiated mini hornbill festivals through which the community can be benefitted and in return bring development in different areas with the involvement of different tribal Hohos of the district.
PDA government is seriously concern about public unity and oneness in making our state a developed state for which the government has initiated a program such as this, he said.
“Our government might not be the perfect government but we are open to your positive criticism and your participation in eradicating the political loopholes in governing,” he said.
“If we are united and come together, we as Nagas can go a long way and achieve our dreams and aspirations which we all have in us and the PDA government is standing tall alongside you to achieve that very thing,” Nchang stated.
Marking the commencement of the festival Tseminyu Union sounded the Ngada Call while traditional blessing was pronounced by Jilo Bukh and Executive Secretary of CRBC Haiwalo Apon invoked God’s blessing.
Folk song by Tesophenyu Group, Ngada dance by Kasha Daho, cultural presentations by Phenshünyu Lowjvü and Sumi Cultural Troupe from Mashilimi village and traditional fire making by Kandi group besides male voice by Hinenlo Kath & friends marked the occasion.
ADC Tseminyu and Convener Organising Committee, Nokchasashi delivered the welcome address while words of gratitude was delivered by member organising committee Thapimo Semy.
The concluding day on Wednesday will be marked by indigenous games competition.
(Page News Service)