2 Colony Councils demand action against DMC for burning waste

2 Colony Councils demand action against DMC for burning waste

Dimapur, April 6: Sunrise Colony and United North Block-Naga Colony Councils have urged the Nagaland Pollution Control Board to take action against Dimapur Municipal Council for burning waste in its dumping site, which comprises mostly of plastic waste.
The Naga Colony Council has lodged complaint to Member Secretary, Nagaland Pollution Control Board (NPCB) on April 2 while Sunrise Colony Council did so on April 4.
The Naga Colony Council, in its complaint cited the Plastic Waste Management Rues 2016 prohibiting open burning of waste/plastic waste. It also cited the NPCB notifications on December 5, 2017 and December 22, 2016 informing about the penalties for such incident or default and added that the DMC is not an exception.
The Colony Council lamented that even after lodging complaints, no visible action has been taken by the NPCB and the burning is waste is continuing till today.
They also stated that burning of the waste is polluting the entire area even beyond the Dhansiri river.
Both the councils requested the NPCB to direct the DMC to stop burning of waste mostly containing plastic waste and to take remedial measures for the pollution created by it. They also urged the NPCB to impose penalty against the Dimapur Municipal Council for violating the directions given by the National Green Tribunal in its judgement. (Page News Service)