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2 August 2020

ARIES: Some of you can hope to receive an outstanding payment. Some of you may feel shackled and helpless on the professional front, which may prove frustrating. A change of air will be good for health.

TAURUS: You have a reputation for getting your own way. In part, this is others’ fault for allowing themselves to be overruled. However, today may I advise you to be extra sensitive to partners’ rather delicate feelings. The more pleasant you are to them, the nicer they’ll be to you.

GEMINI: The various relationships between Mars, Mercury, Venus and Jupiter are perfectly optimistic in their inclinations, and should suit you down to the ground. This is a time to get on with your favourite tasks, to exchange information, make short trips and generally chase your special ambitions.

CANCER: Your particular brand of sensitivity is one we could all learn from. Powerful emotional alignments suit your mood and may encourage you to put yourself on the line as far as one special relationship is concerned. You’ll need all the courage and confidence at your disposal.

LEO: Slowly but surely you ought to be reassuring partners of your loyalty and dedication. The lesson to learn at the moment is that partnerships must be worked at. This simple truth is quite compatible with the fun, pleasure and enjoyment that come from special associations.

VIRGO: Other people hold the key. It doesn’t matter whether your speciality is a working partnership, a romantic liaison or just friendship in general. All that is important is that you open your heart. Once you do that, then other people may respond in the ways that you always hoped they would.

LIBRA: What you can do now is take a much firmer line with children. You should also realise that there are many chores to be completed and tasks to be done, even if you are in the mood for a day off. Your best approach is to call in a long-forgotten favour.

SCORPIO: As the Moon moves to and fro between challenging regions of your chart and harmonious ones, the chances for romantic happiness improve. You should seize the opportunity to enjoy yourself, regardless of whether your interests are high-brow or low.

SAGITTARIUS: Once again, home and family affairs occupy your attention. It may be a day to indulge in your favourite practical tasks, or to enjoy the company of your favourite relations. Friendly communication with everyone is the top theme for the next twenty-four hours.

CAPRICORN: There is a great temptation to talk about subjects of which you know nothing. If you can get away with a bluff, do so by all means. On the other hand, if facts are important, you may care to get a second opinion. That’s especially the case if you’re risking your own cash.

AQUARIUS: The time has come to clear the decks, as I think you know. As long as you have major personal matters in hand, you may indulge a financial whim. If spending plans are your top priority, then it looks as if frivolities may be a better buy than necessities.

PISCES: There are so many thought-provoking planetary patterns at the moment, but the dominant mood is emotional. My hope is that we will see the very best of your caring, compassionate sensitivity. My concern is that you may be a little too ready to build molehills into quite unnecessary mountains.