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1st November 2019

ARIES: Freedom and personal space in your relationships are fundamental during this cycle. You can take great pleasure in learning, teaching, and experiencing new things in the weeks ahead. You are more generous and adventurous when it comes to expressing your affections.
TAURUS: You can get the chance to uncomplicate or sort through emotional issues, financial problems, and struggles arising from complicated power dynamics. Today’s energies are mostly smooth, but if too much is demanded of you, you may need to set some boundaries later today.
GEMINI: You’re gracious and open-hearted in your interactions, particularly with Jupiter also transiting this area of your chart, and others appreciate you for these traits. It’s a time for making peace and for bringing in pleasing, agreeable energy to partnerships, whether love or business.
CANCER: You may be making beneficial connections or learning valuable things as you pursue your daily work or health goals. It’s also a rewarding time for taking more pleasure in organizing, list-making, domestic activities, paying attention to food and nutrition, helping, being of service, and working. You may be bringing a new level of harmony and balance to your everyday life.
LEO: You’re likely to enjoy smooth, natural attraction and popularity in the weeks ahead. Still, with the Moon in your work and health sector today, you can be entirely focused on getting your affairs into order. It’s a good time to organize, sort, and analyze.
VIRGO: You are especially protective of the people you care about, and of your feelings. You might also be a bit more cautious in love and conservative with money, although spending on the home or loved ones can increase. Relationships with family are likely to improve. In the outside world, you may be a little self-protective and possibly hesitant about sharing your feelings in the weeks ahead.
LIBRA: You’re making the most of things with a positive attitude and great pleasure in your connections and discoveries. Mental compatibility is of particular importance in love relationships in the weeks ahead. It’s a good cycle for mental calmness, peace, and clarity.
SCORPIO: You’re in good shape for enjoying what you have or making the most of your income. Your desire for comfort and security increases. You may want to watch for focusing more on what you need than what you have, as this can lead to unnecessary tension. It can be a time of gifts, income boosts, self-pampering, and special attention to your prized possessions.
SAGITTARIUS: You are more confident and comfortable in your own skin. It’s a great time to build up self-acceptance. Nevertheless, you’re still a bit hesitant about making new moves, and it’s a good idea to take your time for now.
CAPRICORN: You tend to accept some level of anonymity or self-sacrifice in your relationships during this cycle. You might yearn for more meaning in your love life if it’s missing, or you could be uncertain about your feelings just for the time being. Looking back before you move forward can be in order now.
AQUARIUS: You might also find more joy in coming up with new plans, ideas, and goals for filling out your life in happy ways. It’s a good time for networking, as well as for exploring and experimenting, learning more about your tastes and needs. You also have a healthier relationship with your need for pleasure, joy, and friendship in the weeks ahead.
PISCES: Romantic opportunities, or chances to socialize and make mutually beneficial connections, can emerge through business. Career pursuits can be more pleasant and enjoyable. You may soften or enhance your reputation. Today, you may get off to a slow start, so take your time easing into things.