1st May 2018


ARIES: Pressure leads your colleagues to believe you are attempting to smother or manipulate them to your way of thought. Choose your words wiselyBe gentle when exploring the depths of your lover’s emotions or your partner’s intentions.
TAURUS: Make a greater effort to listen to your close ones; they have something very worthwhile to offer. In romance, your love can do something special when you least expect them to.
GEMINI: It has been fine coasting along, appreciating your talents but allowing the process of life to push these talents to the background. Now it is your time. Harness your spending. Discipline is needed regarding future projects, be they home improvement, romantic outings, or learning experiences.
CANCER: You have enthusiastic ideas try to get some of them into practice .Positive thinking and action will bring positive results .Despite heavy work load you do enjoy yourself and children give joy .You will be in a sociable mood and will go out.
LEO: Don’t push ahead without checking the ground beneath your feet and be patient. There are some problems there and you need to deal with them. Your partner is not pleased.
VIRGO: Ensure everything’s paid and up to date. Examine things to see where you could make the sort of economies that lead to good savings. Sometimes a fresh new look can be a great help.make sure you’re not taking bad advice or allowing your legendary realism to desert you.
LIBRA: You will be expected to provide all the answers ,so you should be on your toes but you have to put limits on what is being demanded of you .You have to make your colleagues realize that they need to do their share of work.
SCORPIO: You may plan a surprise party for someone who has a special occasion to celebrate. You can establish greater intimacy by bearing each other’s needs in mind.
SAGITTARIUS: Focus on the tasks at hand and mutter under your breath. Success is found in a job well done, not through victory in petty arguments.Keep spending at a sensible level and spoil yourself with a small treat.
CAPRICORN: Love and music sooth the savage beast, and you are no exception. Affectionate contact with passionate people heals and comforts. Pushy comments or attitudes that are filled with doubt are the cause of uneasiness in professional life. Over-reaction is the root of these concerns.
AQUARIUS: Decisions need to be made regarding finances, be sensible while making them.Seek like-minded folks who follow your train of thought. Romance reaches a critical point, where common ground needs to be found.
PISCES: Calm logic wins the day. Your ideas are practical, so voice them with patience and improve your finances with logical plans. Rather than criticising, enact your own expectations and watch others follow suit. Be honest with your lover about your feelings. Avoid emotional manipulation.