1st March 2018


ARIES: With the Moon in Leo aligning with fiery Mars, action can seem preferable to biding your time. If you have adopted the approach of going with the flow lately, then a well-timed response over coming days could put an end to a tricky situation and enable you to make progress.
TAURUS: With a Full Moon upcoming, you may already notice certain tensions arising regarding a friendship or social situation. If you are seeing this emerge already, then taking steps to diffuse it now could mean things become much more relaxed between you.
GEMINI: With convivial Venus and messenger Mercury in your sector of ambition aligning with radical Pluto in a sensitive zone, it can seem that a key plan of yours might work out better if you could start from scratch. You may be aware that decisions taken in the past might not be helping your progress.
CANCER: With an emphasis on your sector of exploration, you may have enjoyed the chance to experiment with various ideas and perspectives. Therefore, if something you have tried recently has turned out to be a mistake, then don’t let it worry you.
LEO: With a strong line-up in a deeply emotional sector of your chart, it would be no surprise if your feelings overwhelmed you at times, especially if something has not been going your way. As upbeat Venus moves to align with jovial Jupiter though, you can find that focusing on those ideas that boost your mood or spending time in good company, can be the tonic you need Leo.
VIRGO: If you need to get along better with someone, this can be the time to call them or invite them over for a coffee and a chat. Some aspects of your conversation could be quite intense, given that key planets are aligning with powerful Pluto.
LIBRA: With the Moon in your social sector making dynamic aspects, it would be no surprise if you received an unexpected invite or had a guest arrive out of the blue. This could be just what you need to counteract a very busy few days when you may not have had much time to yourself.
SCORPIO: If someone entrusts you with a secret, see this as a positive sign Scorpio, as it could mean that you are now part of their inner circle. Will you entrust them with some of yours though? This may be a step too far for you, even though you could feel very at ease in this person’s company.
SAGITTARIUS: With the Sun in a private sector, you may have felt like keeping out of the limelight and working behind the scenes. Today though, some lively aspects can inspire you to move out of your comfort zone and take steps to secure what could be a super possibility.
CAPRICORN: If it seems that someone is being taken advantage of, then out of the kindness of your heart you may want to do something about it. Your loyalty could leave you feeling responsible for getting them out of a scrape, even if you had nothing to do with it.
AQUARIUS: A twist of fate may bring something you have long coveted right to your door Aquarius. If your attention has been focused on it for some time, you may have magnified it to yourself as can often happen. However, this may also be down to the strength of your desires which can be quite potent right now.
PISCES: If you and a friend can agree on a plan or both support the same cause, then your efforts can take you far over coming days. The strength of your feelings can galvanize you into action and this could bring about very positive results.