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1st December 2019

ARIES: You’ll do exceptionally well for yourself by clearing up old projects, errands, or duties so that you can start fresh. You get a window into which attachments may be holding you back from growing and thriving this week. You can find many channels for expressing yourself today, mainly through a partner or significant someone.
TAURUS: Stay alert to possible opportunities to advance your interests instead of sticking to the same old comforts. Lean towards activities and people that encourage you to improve, grow, and develop for best results now. Use your diplomatic talents in your dealings, but do watch for a tendency to please and appease that might later come back to haunt you!
GEMINI: You are certainly drawn to comfortable situations today, but you may be missing an opportunity that’s right in front of you in the process. You have a strong desire to know that your future is secure and that achieving your goals will satisfy you in the long run. You may be finishing paperwork or overlooked errands to get the ball rolling to move forward, receive money, or move beyond a tricky situation.
CANCER: It’s a good time for finding something lost or for discovering information that was previously hidden to you or overlooked. Watch, however, for relying too heavily on someone when you’d be better off getting things done independently. It’s an excellent time to see where you may be taking the easy road to your own detriment now.
LEO: It can be hard to distinguish between your own needs and those of a significant person in your life right now, as you may be taking on others’ wants and needs and telling yourself that their needs are yours! However, interactions that empower one another do exceptionally well today, and they can boost up a relationship.
VIRGO: Avoid carelessness with creative projects and romantic relationships, particularly. There can be a meeting with an old love interest or friend today for some of you or much sentimentality about an old love or pet project. You can benefit from looking to the past now, as you may reawaken a worthwhile pursuit.
LIBRA: Opportunities to express yourself, promote an idea, or to push a project can arise. You can easily find the motivation to get going on your plans and initiatives. Still, there is a tendency to fall back on comfortable behaviors rather than challenge yourself or aim to grow and learn. Old habits seem to have a strong pull on you now, and a good deed from the past can benefit you.
SCORPIO: You may be tempted to fall back on talents and resources you already have instead of putting yourself out or challenging yourself. This can be fine much of the time, but it’s vital to avoid appeasing or passing up on opportunities now. Avoid promises or deferrals, even though they seem far more attractive than usual.
SAGITTARIUS: It’s a time for being generous and forthcoming. Classmates, siblings, children, and romantic interests can be supportive. At the same time, you could be settling accounts and clearing away obstacles related to money and business.
CAPRICORN: There is some tendency to fall back on doing things on your own when pairing up or sharing the load would be much better for you at the moment. You may be dealing with loose ends or settling accounts for the time being, and while you may not feel the progress immediately, you’re busy clearing the pathway for smoother endeavors and activities in the future.
AQUARIUS: There can be unusual connections made, or you might bump into an old friend. Today holds favorable energy for naturally attracting friends or attention from current friends. Influences now are rather easygoing, and if you tap into this emotionally while also getting things done, you can be very productive.
PISCES: The best approach to relationships today is a supportive one–empowering one another works best, leading to increased trust and bonding. Socially, you could be in the mood to get comfortable. A connection with an old friend or strong memories of someone from your past can figure strongly now, and you’re in a more sentimental mood than usual.a