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1st Biennial Intercollegiate Naga Wrestling Competition held


Kedosie Nagi emerges as champion

KOHIMA, MAY 6: Twenty-year-old Kedosie Nagi from Sazolie College, Jotsoma, emerged the champion of the 1st Biennial Intercollegiate Naga Wrestling Competition that was organized by Sazolie College at Indira Gandhi Stadium, Kohima on May 6.
Son of Lt. Khriesalie Nagi of Jotsoma Village, Kedosie Nagi, by virtue of being the champion left the venue Rs.30,000 richer after defeating Azhalhou Kire (22) of Gariphema Village from Alder College who had to contend with a second place finish. Kire was awarded Rs. 20,000, along with citation.
In the final march between Kedosie Nagi and Azhalhou Kire, Nagi secured the first bout but Kire levelled the score by coming back with a convincing throw down in the second bout.
As eventful as any finals are, Azhalhou Kire’s team protested the referee’s decision of awarding the victory to Kedosie Nagi in the final bout. Subsequently, competition officials had to resort to Visual Assisted Referee (VAR) to determine the winner, but Nagi still retained the victory in the third bout that ultimately made him the champion of the competition.
The match for the third and fourth place was supposed to be played between Avituo Nagi of Jotsoma Village from Sazolie College and Rokoviso Secü of Khonoma Village from Baptist College. However, Rokoviso Secü, having sustained injury in an earlier match conceded the match for the third place to Avituo Nagi without contesting it. Avituo Nagi, brother of the champion Kedosie Nagi was awarded a cash prize of Rs. 15,000 and Rokoviso Secu was awarded Rs.10,000.
A total of 29 grapplers from 13 Colleges from Nagaland took part in the event.
Earlier during the day, MLA & Advisor, Technical Education & Elections, Medo Yhokha addressed the inaugural programme. He said that it is time to diversify our energy and focus toward other avenues other than government jobs.
Yhokha said that given the present scenario of the state, it is time for the youth to look beyond government jobs.
“We talk so much about dignity of labour but when it comes to doing the jobs that are considered beyond one’s standard, Nagas shy away from taking the initiatives, ” he said.
The government of the day under the leader of the Chief Minister, Neiphiu Rio is taking every possible step by going overboard, harnessing resources to propel the talents into a higher platform through initiatives by taking into account the prevalent challenges faced by the athletes and sportsperson in the state.
Yhokha further stated that all the stakeholders be it the sportsperson, governmental agencies and the institutions, to come together and rise up to the challenges with cohesion and synergy.
Principal, Sazolie College, Dr. Kangzangding Thou remarked that the decision to hold an intercollegiate meet was taken 3 years ago. However, owing to the COVID-19 situation, it could not materialise.
With the normalization of the situation, the institution is holding the wrestling meet.
The intention of organising the wrestling competition is to promote Naga wrestling among the students by providing a platform where they can train and prepare themselves for bigger platforms.
The college sees art, culture and tradition as core topics along with the formal college education, he said. On this note, we are of the opinion that educational institutions play a crucial role in conserving culture and tradition, Thou added.
Thou also conveyed his immense gratitude to the Naga Wrestling Association (NWA), for providing the competition with all the necessary human resources and other amenities required for the success of the competition.
President, Nagaland Wrestling Association (NWA), Dr. Hiabe Zeliang said that while Nagas have the traits for games and sports, “We are yet to explore the full potential because Nagas lack the determination and consistency to prevail at the level.”
He further urged the wrestlers to be determined and consistent in approaching the sport as “determination transcends all human shortcomings.”
Venuzo Dawhou, the rightful owner of NCA’s title Nagaland Wrestling Champion was also present at the grappling scene on Friday at the IG Stadium.
The twenty-five year old from the CWA was also acknowledged by the College with an endearing welcome by the college.
Sharing his thought on Naga Wrestling in present context and the way forward for the sport in the state, Dawhou related that such initiative by educational institution is very crucial for the growth of the sport in the state. If they don’t provide an opportunity at the school level than Naga wrestling will never reach greater participation. (Page News Service)