Monday, September 20, 2021
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1st August 2019

ARIES: Sharpen your judgment. Someone may be trying to pull the wool over your eyes. This is a domestic matter. Long hours and excessive lifestyle practices may be taking their toll. It’s time to rejuvenate yourself. Excessive worry over additional responsibilities isn’t going to solve these problems.
TAURUS: Friends enjoy hanging out with you and having a good laugh. This will do more for your soul than you can imagine! For some reason, you feel embarrassed about asking someone for help. There is no shame in this, and by doing so you’ll find yourself reducing the tasks on your agenda today.
GEMINI: Allocate enough time if you’re planning a journey. That way you won’t have to deal with trivial inconveniences. If you’re planning to do some work around the home or office, prepare yourself for some sort of assembled or makeshift shelter until the job is done.
CANCER: Don’t come across as being too interrogative. Give someone their space or they’ll retaliate. Step outside the square and do things on your own terms. You could be fearful others will point the finger of blame at you but the results will speak for themselves.
LEO: You are apprehensive about revealing some of your plans to those closest to you for fear that you could be seen a failure if they don’t work out. Honesty is always a good policy but sometimes you do need to hold your cards close to your chest.
VIRGO: Contracts, common negotiations and other interactions require. Be careful that someone isn’t taking advantage of you. It may be hard to press on today but if the difficulty is too great to take a few short breaks to recharge your batteries.
LIBRA: You may have money saved up but be careful not to blow it all. Spend as wisely as you save. You have a liability you’ve overlooked. Go through your records and make sure you’re not going to be out-of-pocket for this. You are lucky today as the planets provide opportunities from out of the blue.
SCORPIO: Today, any sort of competitive sport does well. But don’t take it too seriously. Good sportsmanship is your keyword. Argumentativeness will not necessarily persuade the other person to agree with you. You need to try some different communication techniques.
SAGITTARIUS: Make a much stronger effort to increase good feelings between you and your partner. You may have to change your nature in the process. This is also related to issues of your profession. Compromise is always essential in relationships particularly.
CAPRICORN: Emotions which you have been bottling up, or even subconscious feelings you may not be consciously aware of, are beginning to come to the surface. You may become very conscious of your flaws and insecurities, but don’t be hard on yourself. Your feelings are exaggerated right now, so don’t dwell on them.
AQUARIUS: You want to revolutionise and do things your way. Be gentle so that others don’t feel threatened. Your instincts and feelings are sharp right now and your business affairs are off to a good start. Continue to work hard for what you want.
PISCES: Being too uptight about things will cause you to feel unwell. You’re confused about some things, particularly the actions of friends. Don’t bottle up your feelings. You feel comfortable setting new resolutions and have the willpower and to proceed.