Sunday, November 29, 2020
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1st April 2019

ARIES: Demanding people or circumstances may very well find you! If you jump ahead of yourself, you’ll be creating unnecessary tension. Watch also for mental circling and spiraling, which is destructive rather than creative.
TAURUS: Strive to lift yourself above petty disagreements if they happen now. A tendency to bring up the past will not help matters. Your imagination soars today, however, especially as the day advances, and there can be a boost or breakthrough in a friendship matter now.
GEMINI: There can be some tendency to nurse resentments today, but do your best to rise above game-playing. If you need to clear the air, do so, keeping in mind that the current astrological weather inclines us to be more sensitive and reactive than usual.
CANCER: There can be difficulties coming to a place of agreement or understanding. Arguments can stem from people expecting one another to read their minds or to intuit what it is they need and want.
LEO: There can be some reason to keep certain matters to yourself today, and to think more carefully before going forward with important projects. Try not to waste your time worrying about those things you can’t control, however, as there is a real tendency today to dwell on matters that can eat away at you, or to overthink or worry about resources.
VIRGO: If you feel too dependent on others’ schedules, plans, and needs, take steps to change this, but keep in mind that it can’t happen with a snap of the fingers, so avoid putting too much pressure on yourself to make something happen that quickly.
LIBRA: There is some tension in your communications sectors today, and this can serve as a distraction from good decision-making! Your desire to be useful and helpful is strong right now, but if you are not appreciated for all that you do, you might feel resentful today.
SCORPIO: You may get the feeling that you’ll only face blocks if you try to go after what you want today, and you may be right, but it’s very temporary. Signals can get crossed in love matters, and emotions are up and down.
SAGITTARIUS: Buried resentments can be popping up seemingly out of the blue today, but just as unexpectedly, a solution can emerge now. Mind you, if you’re feeling frustrated with your domestic situation, it can serve to motivate you to make valuable changes to improve things.
CAPRICORN: It can be difficult to pull your mind out of a spiraling loop today, but it’s important to try to do so. If you need to sort something out, take the time to do so. These aspects can certainly stir up resentments, fears of missing out, or interpersonal problems.
AQUARIUS: Concerns about money or ownership may be involved. Your appetite for material comforts increases today, but so does your desire to bring in more. You’re fine with going your own way, but things are much easier when others are cooperating, so you may want to wait it out.
PISCES: Tensions with others may be about power and control rather than the surface topic, or they can stem from having too many balls in the air right now. You are especially sensitive today, and it makes sense to find ways to release the pressure.