19th September 2018


ARIES: You have a desire to succeed but progress and power do not come easily. There will be a lot of changes that you would like to make in your lifestyle and habits. Avoid unpleasant issues. You have immense confidence, growth and expansion are assured.
TAURUS: There are hopes, dreams and adventure. You experience a level of give and take. This will apply to family and domestic situations. Legal ties are also in the focus. You will have new and innovative ideas. Take care of health.
GEMINI: You wish to move ahead, emotionally, mentally and professionally. You and your soulmate keep the bonds of affection and love intact. Make adjustments with the new situations rather than wonder how to resolve the changes at home and place of work.
CANCER: Money flows in reaping gains for the decisions you had made in the past. Along with money there is more commitment and you are all set to accept the responsibility. Do not take shortcuts instead create harmony even from chaos. Patience will be your major strength.
LEO: Trips and travel are on the cards. However, you need to guard against over spending. There will be a surge of spirituality, tolerance and understanding. Personal problems should not be neglected. Try to resolve misunderstandings with your inherent gentleness.
VIRGO: There will be an amazing closeness with parents, older people, in-laws who might have not always approved your initiative. Avoid lending and borrowing. Energy and power will be low. Relax and do not overstrain yourself mentally and physically.
LIBRA: Growing faith and interest in occult is on the cards. Indecision and letting things slide may get you in trouble. In money matters you are the daring guard against gambling and speculation. Do not indulge in extravagance. Domestic hangups will be resolved.
SCORPIO: Finance, food and family are a source of joy. Avoid loans and funds for prestige and promotion. Do not get into an argument with your boss. There is a spark of true caring in you which now comes to the fore. You are full of enthusiasm for moves and changes.
SAGITTARIUS: Do not flow with the emotions. Instead of frowning turn the daily domesticity into fun so that family life remains joyous. There is exchange of ideas and information with friends and superiors. Discipline is the magic mantra for success.
CAPRICORN: There is a lot of buying and selling. Beware of misplacing of valuables. Gains from properties are probable. Love life will be smoother and easier. Passion and emotions should be kept under check and control. Praise and appreciation will lend confidence.
AQUARIUS: You feel good about life and work. Your dynamism takes you ahead inspite of challenge and hurdles. Peace of mind and inner happiness come to you. Do not revolt against authority. Introspection is the best way to judge failure and success.
PISCES: Secret love entanglement will keep you occupied. It will help you overcome futility and loneliness. You add a touch of style and grace to your personality. There is a sense of well being. Guard against burglary. Climb the rung step by step. Good news from overseas.