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19th November 2019

ARIES: Desires run more deeply than usual. You are learning that power is not about having the upper hand with others – it’s about managing your own energy effectively. This cycle turns the heat up on the more intricate elements of relating. T
TAURUS: Problems that have been festering in a relationship have a way of surfacing now. People may seem to be opposing you more than usual during this cycle! It can also be a time in which you have more courage to pursue a relationship.
GEMINI: There can be some conflicts related to independence and speed with co-workers or with those with whom you share your daily activities. However, it may be just what you need to clear the air, and problem-solving can be productive now. It’s an excellent time to take on challenging projects that you may have been putting off since you have more initiative and energy for sorting things out.
CANCER: You can feel particularly enthusiastic with creative, self-expressive, pleasurable, and romantic pursuits, although overstimulation is sometimes possible with this transit. It can be a time when you want to take action to pursue your pleasure, specialized recreation, a relationship, a hobby, or other heartfelt activity.
LEO: You may need to work yourself up on the inside before getting the motivation to assert yourself. Still, this transit can be very productive in certain areas, mostly related to taking action with family or on the home, and for facing matters that you’ve set aside.
VIRGO: You’re likely to feel pleasantly engaged. You’re a little more assertive, too, and this can help you move forward. In particular, you can be anxious to get going on various projects, studies, and personal interests. You quickly become fired up about your ideas, projects, and interests now, and you can get a lot done with all of this passion and vigor.
LIBRA: You might experience a stronger desire for financial independence, or you can be especially motivated to pursue a more substantial income and take action on money-making ideas. However, it can also bring impulsive energy to your spending habits, as the desire to accumulate objects heightens!
SCORPIO: You are clearer about what you’d like to do now, and more forthright and straightforward in your manner. It’s fine to turn things up but avoid haste, as you may end up tripping over yourself. Pace yourself, but take action on things that matter to you most in the weeks ahead for best results.
SAGITTARIUS: You’re figuring out your next step, and you may not be entirely clear of your plans for the time being. This apparent slow-down should not be considered a stroke of bad luck-it’s instead a time for recharging your spirit, laying to rest those plans that have had their day in the sun or the ones that have outgrown their usefulness.
CAPRICORN: You may reconnect with your desire to pursue your goals and dreams in concrete ways, or become inspired by the prospect of new ventures. At times during this transit, friends or group associations can ripple with conflicts or discord, particularly if problems have been looming.
AQUARIUS: While the desire to do things your way or to run the show can sometimes conflict with others, this is an excellent period for getting things done and clearing the path for new beginnings with some patience and mindfulness. It’s a strong time for pushing yourself to improve and excel–you have more courage to go after what you want.
PISCES: Taking charge of your life comes more readily, and you seem to be able to move around obstacles, clashing less than usual. You can have much enthusiasm about sharing your ideas, although sometimes this needs tempering as debates can quickly become heated or personal.