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19th May 2019

ARIES: You may be finding it difficult to finish your work as expected. Reason that a sudden break is ideal now and reason that a change is as good as a holiday, even if it’s a little scary. You also need to keep facts and figures and schedule your time to rebut someone’s accusations.
TAURUS: Your endurance and resoluteness of purpose are never greater than they are now. You won’t be satisfied with anything until you have a chance to utilize the force of your own charisma and overcome almost any resistance to your ideas.
GEMINI: Don’t be swept away by anyone with influence and appeal. Don’t share your feelings too easily with others. Gain enough momentum now and you’ll be creative enough to share your ideas and resources without giving away too much.
CANCER: You may come on too strong in and could scare others away. Your versatility could be your undoing. Don’t let differences of opinion destroy a friendship even if you think your good idea is better than someone else’s. Work collaboratively to build bridges rather than blowing them up.
LEO: Make sure that you have all of your rental or property documents in order. Misplacing paperwork at the most appropriate time complicates otherwise simple matters. You can spot an irritating actor a mile away today and you are under no compulsion to spend time with those who could make you feel depressed or psychically drained.
VIRGO: Don’t exaggerate the benefits offered by people as you need to become more self-reliant. This is a time for creativity and self-expression as well as entertainment and romance. But it’s as much a time of discovering your strengths and gaining valuable insights into your deepest self.
LIBRA: You are imagining things about your work and becoming more and more anxious about the way you’re doing things. You want to lead others having had past experience but your self-doubt is quite likely what’s holding you back from achieving greater success.
SCORPIO: Stop being so concerned about your public image and approval ratings. Drive carefully along your road of life and don’t react too strongly to those who exhibit ‘road rage’. Try changing your habits to adjust yourself accordingly. You will avoid head-on collisions karmically this way.
SAGITTARIUS: Transition is difficult but once you pick let go of outmoded beliefs and trust in your life, you’ll not only start to feel much better but will experience a whole new level of going with the flow. You now learn about the customs and protocols of life at the spiritual level and will be able to translate that into your practical affairs.
CAPRICORN: Your vision of the future must include your romantic partner. Being inclusive in your vision now if you want to experience a greater level of intimacy with the one you love. In some of your financial affairs, you need to spend time alone to plan more effectively without others meddling.
AQUARIUS: You have to take the path of least resistance and stay with the old routine, at least for the time being until you’re clear on what you want. Don’t beat yourself up as you must realise that time must coincide with your desires for that moment when an appropriate change can take place.
PISCES: Attention to detail is necessary to quicken your pace towards what inspires you. It’s impossible for you to be playful and explore what’s on offer in your personal relationships if you don’t take a chance on new things. Your feelings will be strong and you’ll know that the decisions you’re making are right.