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19th March 2019

ARIES: This is a powerful time for the motivation to improve your work, finances, and practical affairs. It can be a time for tackling long-standing problems and challenging work or tasks.
TAURUS: This is a time for connecting with your desires and developing strategies for reaching your goals. Tomorrow, the astrological new year begins, and you can enjoy a clean slate of sorts.
GEMINI: If an old habit needs to go, dear Gemini, today is excellent for doing so. The astrological new year begins tomorrow, and you enjoy some beautiful energies today for tying up loose ends.
CANCER: If you have a complicated problem to resolve, look for allies today. This is a good time for working with someone to achieve an important goal, or for making real improvements to a significant relationship itself.
LEO: You’re communicating your passion for what you do through your work or tasks, and others are taking note. You can be noticed for the work you do, particularly things you’ve done in the past.
VIRGO: You might see resources you previously overlooked, or you could resolve a problem that’s a relief to put behind you. You could also see certain unhealthy attachments for what they are.
LIBRA: Influences on your day can toughen up your outlook just enough for you to make important improvements or eliminations. Today is powerful for finding resolutions to long-standing problems, particularly as they relate to your family or emotional life.
SCORPIO: You are a little more personally powerful, persuasive, and perceptive than usual. Others may be especially intrigued by and attracted to you and your ideas.
SAGITTARIUS: Self-improvement efforts can be wonderfully successful now and special attention to your practical affairs can bring rewards as well. Current influences are encouraging you to rebuild or rework something to make your life better, or in some cases, put something that’s dysfunctional behind you.
CAPRICORN: Hobbies and romance can thrive now with your special attention and determination to make things work. You’re looking for ways to overcome obstacles and make improvements that will endure for the long term.
AQUARIUS: This can be a time when channeling frustrations into resolving a problem can pay off. You’re practical, and you’re more concerned than usual for your future, and both things lead to better decision-making.
PISCES: Teamwork or networking can get results, and strong alliances can be formed or existing ones enhanced. You’re making a good impression, and you could be discovering interesting ways of getting your message across or of getting where you want to go.