19th March 2018


ARIES: The day begins, leaving you feeling restless as you brood on deeper matters. Don’t become the victim of your own urges, especially where money and desire are concerned. Don’t push too hard in your effort to advance matters in your life: think about what you really want first!
TAURUS: Get outdoors and get that body moving: it will clear your head and freshen your thoughts. Spend the weekend in someplace different. keep abreast of what’s going on; these changes may require some long term decisions
GEMINI: A good, productive and rewarding phase. You can give work, in fact, life itself, your best shot. A phase when the depths of tenderness and caring within you bubble up to the surface
CANCER: There may be some confusion among your associates about what is yours and what is not yours… make sure you are not being taken advantage of by a master manipulator. This evening is perfect for thrills of a personal kind; whether you lock yourself in the bedroom with your significant other or hold a seance, your results will be mind blowing
LEO: Look at the way you communicate: are you able to get across what you want to say without overdoing things, or becoming angry? Others may challenge you, but you need to be reasonable. Revise your methods.
VIRGO: Thanks to your winning ways, a friend may wish to become more. There are good ideas in the air, your own or other people’s, so it’s important to keep your mind fresh and vigorous to pick up the changes and move quickly with them.
LIBRA: Stay on the ball as there’s lots to be done. If frustration is building inside you, do something vigorous to burn it off. Stars are putting the focus onto friends, associates and your cherished dreams.
SCORPIO: A showdown between you and your most significant other is likely early in the day. Try to avoid pointless fighting over breakfast; the truth is neither of you really want to feel this way. Take a deep breath and by the end of the day, you’ll be ready to reconnect.
SAGITTARIUS: You may be in the public spotlight. Your dreams and goals are just within reach, but you may feel as though you have to rely on authority figures and superiors who are unpredictable and flaky. Let your natural genius show in all the work you do now.
CAPRICORN: Many of you will find material rewards or kudos coming your way as a result of all the hard work you do. With planetary energies harmonizing, you can make a lot of progress now. Prepare yourself by getting and staying organized.
AQUARIUS: Don’t be afraid of the strange dreams you have during this time frame; it is just your subconscious speaking to you. The answers to many of your problems can often be found by listening to the language of your sleeping mind, so write down everything you remember upon waking. Spend time in quiet contemplation.
PISCES: It may be hard to avoid a confrontation today. A clash between you and an authority figure is inevitable as you come into greater power. Remember that your patience is likely to win out in the end.