19th July 2019


ARIES: Things generally will be frustrating you, so put your plans on hold for a moment. You don’t have to achieve everything right now. Just remember, none of these problems will last and they’re just temporary hurdles to overcome. Your working relationships need some attention.
TAURUS: The current cycle offers some stunning opportunities to make headway in your career. Don’t be afraid to take on board younger and more progressive ideas as this is what will keep you fresh and also in demand by your superiors.
GEMINI: Get down to it, the sooner you will finish your work the sooner you can relax! Be productive – solve problems and cope with transport emergencies in a cool manner. Your desire for travel is high so give yourself time to gain perspective on what’s actually involved.
CANCER: You’re finding there are other ideals in life, not only financial or emotional ones. You’ll discover your intellectual property has a higher degree of value that you at first thought. What are your ideas and how can you expand your mind and create value for yourself?
LEO: You may need to bow out from a social engagement at present because you are confused about the status quo in your peer group. You can do this diplomatically without ruffling any feathers. A new cycle is beginning and you should find yourself surrounded by a lot of interesting friends who care about you.
VIRGO: You could be coming out of a haze of intellectual fog where you haven’t been able to connect the dots. Your head is getting clearer now and therefore, if you’ve postponed making important decisions, that’s a wise move on your part.
LIBRA: Sudden opportunities financially present themselves now so don’t hold back. For those of you who’ve been quietly working away at a hobby, wanting to transform that into a real business opportunity, now may be the time that you can take this to the next level.
SCORPIO: Health matters continue to be an issue, but not necessarily for you. You may be dealing with a situation where someone requires your assistance and although this will erode your time to a great extent, there may be no way out of this scenario other than to reallocate your appointments and tasks to a more favourable time slot.
SAGITTARIUS: You’ve probably got more commitments than you know what to do with right now, so to taking on a huge pile of extra work may not be the way to go. This is a period where you need to learn how to pace yourself effectively. Haste will only cause you to slip up, necessarily having to go over old ground.
CAPRICORN: Why not allocate time to explore your inner thoughts and enjoy the company of your family rather than being completely focused on your work? You are better able to come up with ideas that can solidify your family relationships now and this will make a big difference not only personally but in terms of your work performance.
AQUARIUS: Sometimes you have to distil things down to their basic components. Look a little more deeply and see the true worth of people you’ve met recently. Pay extra special attention to the motivations of others rather than glossing over their words and accepting things at face value.
PISCES: You may be doing things bigger and better than everyone else right now while Jupiter continues to cause you to expand and prosper, however, this same planet is a double-edged sword making you excessive, to say the least. Take drinking or partying for example.