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19th February 2020

ARIES: You may be enamoured by the pursuit of wisdom and unusual spiritual information. Maintaining peace at all costs is important. Communications that have been held up are likely to come your way, especially those of a social nature.
TAURUS: Success comes through systematically resolving problems and eliminating arguments from your inner circle of work peers. Be honest with yourself and acknowledge your own weaknesses if confronted by others.
GEMINI: Memories and concerns from the past confront you. If you’re in a state of confusion, you have to bypass thoughts that bring you down. You must move beyond all that now. You also must deal with property issues or other related topics.
CANCER: Don’t dismiss insignificant events as unimportant. Even the most trivial event has a lesson for you. You feel you are standing on solid ground but it’s the little things that can shake and shift life. Being uptight for a protracted period of time is only going to affect you physically.
LEO: You may want to look over travel brochures a little more carefully. Don’t hastily rush off into the wild blue yonder without a proper plan though. That means also making sure you have enough cash to cover your adventurous dreams.
VIRGO: Stop reminiscing about ‘would have, could have, and should have. This will never satisfy you’. It will only keep you on the treadmill of dissatisfaction. Take what you have now, and use it wisely. Having more resources at your disposal means repurposing them for different tasks.
LIBRA: It’s time to draw a line in the sand and live life on your own terms. It people are treading all over you it’s not as hard as you think to create workable boundaries. Someone at home has a problem and they may be laying it on you. Don’t buy into the victim game.
SCORPIO: You’re also likely to be impulsive today. You are desperate to get tedious matters out of the way. You feel this will re-energize you. This may be tied in with the working space you are in. It’s just one of the pieces of your life’s jigsaw puzzle that you have to solve.
SAGITTARIUS: Discussions over health matters spark brilliant new optimism. Someone will advise you and you’ll see the logic in what they have to say. Often it’s not what’s said but how it’s delivered. This is what will inspire you to get back on track. You are enjoying work as well.
CAPRICORN: You may have a hobby that starts to translate to a more practical level. Wouldn’t it be great if you could work at something you are completely passionate about? This may not be possible right now but you should keep on dreaming until your life conditions are perfect for it to manifest.
AQUARIUS: It’s important not to let impractical feelings cloud your good judgment. Play devil’s advocate, if only for a moment, to see the up and down side. Study your past successes and failures and analyse things that worked or didn’t. History is the greatest predictor of future events.
PISCES: You’re questioning your beliefs and values under these current transits. You could find yourself in an unfamiliar emotional or mental space. Don’t give in to this. The unknown is the place all daring adventurers long to travel to. This is where the greatest insights are going to be achieved.