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19th August 2019

ARIES: Creativity runs high today. You’re especially sensitive to imbalances of power with others right now and this week. Where there are real discrepancies, you’re motivated to make things fair. You can feel particularly powerful as you develop a hobby or creative project, and you’re gaining an advantage in your current pursuits.
TAURUS: Today’s energies are strong for your family and home life, particularly the ways that your personal life empowers you. Power dynamics in your family relationships can be in stronger focus, and you are especially sensitive to imbalances in your home environment or your close relationships.
GEMINI: Look for opportunities to collaborate with someone or to partner up on a communications project today and this week. Developing special skills can be empowering now. You’re giving your interests or studies more attention and importance, and it works to your benefit.
CANCER: Today is favorable for the motivation to sort out money matters or valuables. This theme will continue further this week. Taking charge of money and business matters that have fallen out of view can be empowering. Feeling on top of your practical affairs makes you feel great.
LEO: Your attention turns to equality and harmony in your connections. You are in higher demand than usual, and enjoying it! You’re taking the lead and proving your independence. Today is also favorable for all things related to sharing ideas, promotion, publishing, and learning new things.
VIRGO: You’re in particularly good shape for finding yourself on the same page with someone close to you. Even so, today is most excellent for pulling into yourself to gather strength and building your inner resources. You can be especially productive in activities behind the scenes.
LIBRA: Friendships can bring in support and enjoyment today, and most of the coming week as well. You are in a friendly mood with someone who’s proven themselves to you in the past. New connections seem favorable, too.
SCORPIO: There can be significant progress with a matter related to career, a boss, or manager today and this week. Getting on top of your responsibilities feels excellent. You’re paying particular attention to your favorite things, and taking special care of them is enjoyable now.
SAGITTARIUS: Sharing opinions and long-term goals today can be strengthening. You can feel empowered by your beliefs and ideas, and through your current studies or interests. Finding mutual interests may be an excellent way to smooth relationships over.
CAPRICORN: You stand to learn a lot about yourself or a particular person/project in your life with this energy. You’re also in great shape for research or an absorbing passion project. The chance to settle a tricky matter can emerge now–the ability to get to the heart of a matter with more tact than usual seems to be with you.
AQUARIUS: Partnering up may be helpful today, and is favored all week. You can be quite determined to bring balance and equality to a partnership or your life, in general. Alternatively, you recognize the power of your relationships now.
PISCES: You’re in a good position to gain an advantage with your work. Or, smoothing over relations with a co-worker or someone with whom you spend time attending to your daily affairs is empowering. Getting a handle on your daily routines and improving habits seem the best ways to feel good about yourself this week.